5 Engaging Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Engaging Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Written by Tim Grable

January 22, 2021

With virtual events becoming more popular, organizers are looking for ways to add more programs and activities to surprise their guests pleasantly.

However, it won’t be an engaging event if there isn’t any entertainment involved. And people will have a much positive experience if you give them something they can actively participate in.

For that reason, we have put forth a list of engaging entertainment ideas to try for your upcoming virtual event.

Quick Change Performance

For your virtual meeting, you can hire the services of quick-change artist Léa Kyle.

Léa’s act is a fusion between dazzling magic tricks and the frantic pacing of quick change. She’s able to pull off a series of quick and effective tricks while changing outfits the whole time.

Your audience won’t tell what happened or how Léa managed to do so many things at once. One thing is for sure. However, they will enjoy the performance, whether they could keep up with her or not.

Need Engaging Entertainment Ideas for the Family? Virtual Magic Show 

Virtual magic shows are ideal entertainment programs for virtual team building sessions or even conferences. Magic has always had a broad appeal because of its grandeur and mystique – people will be interested to see what’s going on.

Although intrigued, guests will probably be wondering how magic can be done during a virtual event. They might be tempted to think that it isn’t as punchy as live magic.

Chris Michael is the magician who goes against this perceived notion. He creates magic meant to entertain virtual audiences.

As a performer, he combines traditional magic techniques with modern technology to create an interactive show which your guests will truly enjoy.

Virtual Dance Classes

Surprise your guests with an impromptu dance class during your virtual event. With the right instructor at the helm, there’s a high chance that they’ll want to brush up on their dance moves.

Professional dancer Ebonee Le’Triece has the right combination of techniques, personality, and overall cool to convince your guests to switch their casual clothes for a pair of comfy track pants.

Once everyone’s on their feet, under Ebonee’s guidance, they can learn all sorts of great dance moves.

Ebonee Le’Triece

Dance Act as an Event Opener

Still, you can leave aside the instructional aspect of dancing and leave the dancing to the professionals. Your guests can witness a live masterclass of both traditional and modern styles of dancing.

Duo Fusion is a dance team that has toured the world with its unique and breathtaking combination of Latino dancing and hand-balancing. Your guests most certainly will have a fun time watching.

Engaging Entertainment Ideas for Virtual Breaks

Every virtual event needs a break or two between the scheduled activities. During that time, your guests will get the chance to relax and clear their minds for a bit.

However, instead of having everyone switch to their phones, you can instead provide them with something that’ll captivate their attention and keep them engaged.

During event breaks, danger duo Passing Zone can perform for your guests. Their act involves all sorts of fun stunts, which translate well to an online environment – so real that your guests will be on the edge of their seats throughout the whole performance.

Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

We hope that the ideas provided in this article will prove useful to you. You can get creative in organizing an event where you combine some of the engaging entertainment ideas we’ve discussed.

Regardless of your choice, you will need a solid lineup of performers to bring the online event to life.

If you’re interested in a specific performer highlighted here or would like to search more extensively, then be sure to browse our website or gives us a call at +1 615 283 0039.

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