How To Create an Engaging Virtual Event (5 Tips for Success)

Engaging Virtual Event

Written by Tim Grable

November 13, 2021

The most significant contributing factor to having a successful event is audience engagement. Keeping your participants hooked from the beginning till the end is a difficult task, especially when it comes to a virtual social gathering.

So, in this article, we will lay out some of the most effective strategies you can use to create an engaging virtual event for your guests, keeping them entertained throughout the whole evening.

Virtual Art

1. Trying Something Different

Conventional entertainers are great at engaging with their audience. The audiences certainly appreciate magic and comedy. However, how many people can say they got a cartoon caricature of themselves made over a Zoom meeting?

For this kind of experience, we can recommend working with Cartoon Gurus. They are a group of visual artists who can alter and warp your team’s appearance in many funny ways.

They make live digital caricatures for corporate and private virtual events by using screen sharing and digital painting techniques. Hiring them will provide a unique element to your virtual event to which your audience can look forward.

2. Virtual Works of Art

It’s a well-known fact that people love taking pictures together to cherish a memory that they’ve shared. By itself, this is a lovely way to get people involved, but there are ways to improve this experience and boost audience engagement.

With the help of distinguished artist Jeremy Sutton, your guests can participate in a series of exciting visual activities, through which they can immortalize the moments spent with their beloved colleagues.

Depending on your preferences, your team can participate in a one-on-one portrait session, a group portrait, or an art demonstration, all of them hosted and curated by Jeremy.


3. Online Murder Mystery

Put your attendee’s deductive reasoning powers to the test and try out a virtual murder mystery party. This activity is not only a fun game, but it can also be a great way to keep guests engaged during the event.

Professional actors are employed to provide an interactive performance and an engaging virtual event experience that offers a variety of captivating plotlines you can choose from.

The atmosphere and suspenseful action are gripping, so your team will forget they’re interacting through their computer.

4. Virtual Mixology Class

Learn how to mix whisky cognac and cherry juice perfectly at a virtual mixology class where a trained bartender can teach your guests how to make the perfect cocktail. 

Inga Tantisalidchai is an Award-Winning Mixologist who uses her creativity to create custom cocktails. Hailed as a top-shelf educator, she employs teaching methods that make her online classes fun and interactive. 

Booking her service for your next engaging virtual event can help you create a transformative experience for your attendees, where they will learn to stir a drink like they are serving James Bond himself.

Plus, once the class is finished, everyone can virtually hang out and enjoy the drink they made.


5. Host a Virtual Game Show

Gameshows are always an excellent way to add a little bit of excitement to your event and keep your guests on their toes. Through their competitive nature, they help increase engagement with attendees by pitting them against one another.

To make it more interactive, you can raise the stakes a bit and even add a reward that the participants can look forward to.

This strategy will not only broaden the scope of your event. Still, it will also give your audience something to aspire to – a tangible prize and the pride of having triumphed over the other participants.

Your Shot at an Engaging Virtual Event

We hope the tips we shared will help you create an event that will get the audience fired up and ready to get in on the action.

And if you need more help, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039. We can provide your event with the best entertainment solutions!

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