How To Entertain The Guests At The Next Corporate Event

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Written by Tim Grable

August 26, 2017

Being in charge of planning a corporate event can be overwhelming, even when you have years of experience. Nowadays, the pressure is even bigger because you want to make sure that your event will be memorable.

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is making sure you have quality entertainment. For your guests to enjoy it, you need to make sure that you’re always coming up with new ideas. In this article, we’ll give you a few entertainment ideas that you can use for your next corporate event.

How To Entertain The Guests At The Next Corporate Event

1. Comedy

Comedy never fails. People need to laugh and have fun more often. Laughter helps us relieve the stress in our lives. It helps us forget for a few moments about that deadline we can’t stop thinking about. It also gets our energy levels up.

There are a lot of corporate comedians who do an excellent job entertaining even the most pretentious audience. Comedy is our number one pick when it comes to corporate event entertainment. Your event will no doubt turn into a success, and your guests will talk about the jokes they’ve heard for weeks in a row.

2. Artists Who Can Put on a Good Show

Your guests will attend the corporate event because of the networking opportunities, but also because they want to have fun. Besides comedy, you can entertain your guests by hiring an artist who can juggle, do magic, ventriloquism, or one who has a unique talent.

These types of artists will be much appreciated. We’re pretty sure it’s not every day that your guests get to see a professional regurgitator, stunt performers, or sand artists. Now it’s your chance to wow them.

3. LED Dance Show

Instead of bringing in a plain dancing band, why not step it up a notch and bring in an LED dance show? It’s actually really cool to see how the dancers’ figures almost float. Also, by combining the moves with the music, the overall impact is even more intense.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will need a venue where you can have complete darkness when you turn off the lights.

4. 3D Projection Mapping

Your guests might have seen 3D art before, but projection mapping is very different. This type of visual performance has become popular in the last few years. Now, more artists have started to create masterpieces by using buildings as their canvas.

3D projection mapping is usually paired extremely well with music, which makes the show that more incredible. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to ensure that you find the right artist and a building he or she can have fun with. Obviously, the building needs to be near the venue.

Ideas for a Corporate Event Which Will Take Everyone by Surprise

A corporate event is a perfect opportunity to take your audience entirely by surprise and to organize something genuinely entertaining.

For example, people will never come to expect a magic show to take place during a product presentation.

Also, that’s just one simple idea you can use for your event. You don’t have to worry; there are many more.

The following article showcases a set of ideas you can use to brighten up an event. Your audience won’t see it coming!

5. A Dazzling Display Acrobatics

Of the many things which can be done on stage, acrobatics is undoubtedly one of your attendees will not know what to expect from.

Ideas for a Corporate Event Which Will Take Everyone by Surprise

There’s something merely mystifying about how the human body can be pushed to such limits. At the same time, there’s always the fright that one mistake can spell disaster.

Duo Transcend is one acrobatics act which has been in the spotlight with their rise as finalists on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent.

6. People Love Pets

Animals are the last thing people expect to see during a corporate event. It’s an even bigger surprise if they’re performing all sorts of tricks and antiques.

dog, pets

However, it just works. As showcased on live television, pet shows can provide some of the best entertainment out there.

There is something merely captivating about a pet and his owner being entirely in tune with one another. Especially when they’re managing to showcase how Hero can perform a set of tricks many would have considered impossible.

That’s the story of Sara Carson and Hero, an instructor and her loyal dog who travel around the world performing amazing feats together.

7. Surprise Your Audience with Mentalism

Many look at mentalism with a skeptic’s eye, believing this performance art is just smoke and mirrors.

However, they miss the point on what mentalism is all about. It’s not the art of deceiving people. Mentalism is all about providing an experience which will make the spectators go “wow!”.

the Evasons

For example, The Evasons are a mentalism duo which leaves the audience speechless after every performance.

Jeff and Tessa are husband and wife; they work together to put forth some mind-boggling tricks.

With a set of elaborate acts consisting of hypnosis, telepathy, precognition, and mind-control they make everyone in the audience question reality.

So, what can you expect from their show?

Without spoiling the surprise factor of the performance, you will have Jeff setting up the stage for the tricks, while Tessa is the psychic who performs them. From here, it’s all mind games between them and the audience.

A Corporate Event Is a Chance to Surprise

That just about settles it; a corporate event is a wonderful occasion to try something new. People will appreciate the outstanding experience and will watch it with great interest.

You should know these outlandish ideas are only a fraction of what you can put into action during your event. There are many other things you can try; you need the right performer.

We have the performers to turn many crazy ideas into a reality. Simply browse our catalog of performers and we will guarantee top-shelf entertainment!

Which of These Ideas Will You Try at Your Next Corporate Event?

Finding the best entertainment ideas can be one of the most daunting tasks when organizing corporate events. Fear no more, because we’re here to help you figure it out.

We have plenty of entertainers you can choose from. They are specialized in a variety of topics, from comedy to motivation, magic, and even art performance. If our speakers piqued your interest, feel free to get in touch to find out more information.

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