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Written by Courtney Grable

May 10, 2018

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Which Entertainment Ideas are Right for you?

BAM! I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? Well, you know what else you weren’t expecting? These top ten leaders in the entertainment industry are making waves and bringing the tide in with these hottest, captivating, and original ideas are sure to be crowd pleasers at your next corporate event. And where can you find all of this ground-shaking acts? Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ of course! Michael Cerbelli is, of course, the leader of such an extravagant and captivating event! What a wonderful way to find the talented draw you need for every one of your corporate event needs! So, without further ado…here it is, the hottest entertainment ideas all in one post!

What about Food?

First and foremost, let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite topic…food! Specifically, Instagram-able food. From charcoal ice cream to rainbow grilled cheese, there is no doubt that the world of social media has taken nutrition, or no nutrition, and turned it into a work of art. With this unique form of entertainment, your event is certain to capture audiences of millennials and athletes alike.

Do Cookie Dough

Cookie dough. Let’s talk about it. Okay, starting off with the fact that it’s probably the best dessert ever, finishing with the fact that you always have that tiny sense of guilt because you’re eating raw eggs… Worry no more, Do Cookie Dough has solved that problem! Creating a product with heated flour and pasteurized eggs, this cookie dough is safe to eat, making that a guilt-free dessert for you! What makes it even better is the fact that you can bake delicious cookies out of them! With this unique and subtle entertainment idea, there’s no doubt that your event will be a crowd pleaser that’s memory will last for years.

Edible Selfie Photo Booth

What does your face taste like in a macaron? Find out with the edible selfie photo booth. The process is simple, first, take a selfie, second, let the special printer print out your design on your dessert, third, eat it! There’s no limit on this delicious bit of entertainment that will keep guests enthralled all night long! What are you waiting for? Get eating!

Unique Entertainment Ideas

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Ignite your next event with these creative and thrilling ways of captivating your audience! From fireworks to sparkling fountains, these unique entertainment opportunities are sure to spark a flame of enjoyment for all ages.


Have you ever wanted your very own fireworks display, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of, well, everything that goes into fireworks? Guess what! Now, you can get your very own fireworks in a box! They’re safe, affordable, and easy to put together. Just a few clicks, a couple types, and bam! You’re done! Dazzle the crowd with this explosive entertainment at your next event!

White Sparkle Fountains

Lights, flames, action! Except…these aren’t real flames? Nope, but they’re even better! You know that heat that always comes with having fire around? The white sparkle fountains don’t have any heat, which is a huge relief if you’re hosting an event with lots of people. These safe and exhilarating sparks come with confetti, fog, and a whole lot of fun. Safe, exciting, and astounding, they are sure to be the hit entertainment at your next event.

The Music is Now

Okay, so you don’t want fire, you don’t want food, we get it. How about the classic crowd pleaser at every event…music? No, don’t say it’s boring, these musicians are anything but dull and lifeless. With energetic and entertaining music, they are sure to get the entire crowd on their feet in minutes

Billy Joel Retrospect

Big shots, uptown girls, and starting a fire, what do all of these have in common? The legendary Billy Joel of course! Ever wanted to see him perform, but just haven’t gotten the chance? Well, guess what! Now you can, or at least the next best thing. Billy Joel Retrospect (artist Matthew Banks) is talents, unique, and sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next event. Whether you want original songs or Billy Joel covers, with Billy Joel Retrospect you will never be disappointed.

Face Vocal Band

Out of Boulder, Colorado emerges the next Pentatonix, Face Vocal Band. From haunting tunes such as “House of the Rising Sun” to energetic songs like “Uptown Funk” and “Jessie’s Girl/Stacy’s Mom” there is no song, they can’t sing.  What sets them apart is that they are a country acapella act!  With performance’s that are exhilarating and entertaining, there is no doubt that they will be able to please even the toughest music critic.  

Entertainment in the Age of Technology

Technology sure has changed things these days. Waking up and making coffee doesn’t even have to be a two-step process anymore with coffee alarms that brew your energy for you right at your bedside! Yes, nothing in this world is truly untouched by technology, but what does this say for the world of entertainment? Well, it means only one thing…bigger and better acts! These next four entertainers mix classics such as art and music with the new world of technology and we could not be any more excited for each and every one of them.

Flip Disc Display

Ever wanted to be in the world of entertainment but just don’t know what to do? Now you can be the creator of your own destiny in the world. Well, kind of. Flip disc display is an interactive flipping disc show. Don’t know what that means? That’s okay, we’ll tell you! So, you, the person, walk in front of the display and act out anything you want, the discs then sense this and do whatever you are doing with music set to it. The best part is that you are in control of it! Flip disc display is perfect for conventions or special events where guests will be walking around or just something to pass the time in the lobby! Fun and entertaining, the magnetic technology of flip disc will rock your next event!

Hypervsn Floating Video

Holograms at an event? Is it even possible? It is! From shoes to motorcycles it’s all 3D in the air! With state of the art technology, music, and a little creativity, Hypervsn is out to show the world that anything really is possible. What better way to stand out at your next event with new and artistic technology?


So you’ve heard of live event painting, but have you ever heard of Paintscaping? It’s a little different. Instead of creating art from paint and a canvas, it takes already created art, such as buildings or water, and transform them into a story. You can do it all, travel back to the American Revolution and Egypt or watch buildings be destroyed and go up in flames. There’s no limit to what you can witness, it’s all up to you. With realistic shows and stories, Paintscaping will make you feel like you’re five years old and back at Disney World again.

Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes aren’t just for horses, they’re for people too! Watch geometric shapes light up, transform colors, and dance or experience the ground setting a path with every step you take…or even better, bring it to your event and share the jaw-dropping lights show with others! Sugar cubes are truly an art form and with technology, it has been created and enhanced even more. Don’t stay stuck in the ages before computers, bring the lights and excitement to your next event!


What are you waiting for? From food to music to technology, the Hot List is bursting with entertainment galore! There really is no wrong choice here. I mean, come on, you can even mix and match! Food with music, food, and technology, music and technology…the possibilities are just getting started! With countless ways to entertain, there’s no telling what you’ll discover. So what’s stopping you? Go get your next life-shattering entertainment today!


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