Entertainment Ideas You Can Use for a Hospitality Suite

Caricaturist, art, artist

Written by Tim Grable

July 7, 2017


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Nowadays, the entertainment industry is always growing. It can provide a rich spectrum of services, specially tailored for any audience.

If you want to organize a corporate hospitality suite event, you need a good entertainment idea which will help you promote networking and social interaction.

Here are some suggestions you can use.

Magicians Can Make Your Event Memorable

We all love magic, and a good act can make time stand still. Magicians can add spice to any event. They can turn your evening into a success your guests will remember for years.

Before you book a Magician, think about your audience. These guys can put on quite a show, but their number must meet your guests’ needs.

It is paramount that you do some research and choose the best type of act for your event.

Entertainment Ideas You Can Use for a Hospitality Suite  

For instance, if you book a magician whose act includes close-up magic, consider the fact that the performer will go from guest to guest to showcase his tricks.

This means it is probably more appropriate for events held in a more intimate setting with a limited number of guests.

If you need some suggestions, we recommend you take a look at a few of the experienced magicians in our portfolio.

Mentalists Are a Perfect Match for a Hospitality Suite

If you want to impress your guests, book a Mentalist. These entertainers know how to engage an audience.

While most of their shows are less visual than traditional magician acts, they bring other novelty elements on the stage.

These performances are based on memory stunts and mental tricks which will leave your audience speechless.

Ventriloquists Will Wow Your Audience

Another great idea you can use for a hospitality suite is ventriloquists. Ventriloquism is perfect for a laid-back atmosphere. The artists will make everyone feel at ease by providing a genuinely fun show.

Ventriloquists are highly creative and have an outstanding ability to customize their show.

Their act is unique as each one is accompanied by a major stage partner, that is their apparently speechless dummy.

Make Them Laugh Hard by Hiring a Comedian

It is not uncommon for people to want to have fun at a hospitality suite event.

If you want to make sure they do so, the key ingredient is a talented comedianWhether you are looking for hilarious jokes and even clean comedy, you will definitely find a perfect fit for your occasion.

Moreover, most entertainers are also willing to tailor their act according to your event’s message.

Give Them a Memory They Can Keep – Hire a Caricaturist

Caricaturists are a classic and timeless choice. These people are simply amazing. If you have never seen one performing live, maybe it is time to do it.

  Caricaturist, art, artist

Besides their impressive skills, they also possess a unique ability to lure event attendees in and generate interest for your event.

Finally, these artists are an excellent entertainment option because they give out something. Your guests would love to go home with an original portrait.

All in all, there are plenty of terrific entertainment options you could book a hospitality suite.

If you want to gain more insight into this topic, we are here to help. Browse through our portfolio of artists and contact us for any inquiries about a particular entertainer.

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