Tried and Tested Entertainment Ideas Which Guarantee a Successful Corporate Event

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Written by Tim Grable

September 5, 2017


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Regardless of the amount of event planning experience you have, the pressure of coming up with the most original ideas for the next events is always there. After all, you must prove yourself, and this requires a sustained creative effort.

However, sometimes – as is the case with a corporate event, for instance – you have to take the safer route and tone down your innovative instincts.

Why is that?

As a trustworthy entertainment booking agency, we worked with a large number of companies and enterprises and noticed they usually approach event entertainment more conservatively. Alternatively, they can have specific requirements planners need to comply with.

That said, here’s a bunch of ideas to help your event come together seamlessly and successfully.

#1 Cocktail Workshop

The beverage menu at a corporate event is an important aspect you have to take care of.

So, why not turn it into an entertainment opportunity? Don’t just serve the cocktails, also show how they were made.

There are plenty of baristas ready to display their skill and showmanship. The flashier the act, the more interested everyone will be.Tried and Tested Entertainment Ideas Which Guarantee a Successful Corporate Event

#2 Cruise Event

Choosing just the right venue for the needs of your event is always a decisive factor in the dynamic of that event.

Hosting it on a cruise ship is a tested solution which adds a distinctive factor.

In this case, you can play with a creative setup in the food department. Plus, whatever music act you will hire, it will look and sound a lot better in this fresh environment.

#3 Wine Tasting

In most cases, people working in the corporate medium are fine beverage connoisseurs. Moreover, even for those who are not, a wine tasting goes well with a stylish event.

You can also opt for a classical music ensemble to round up the touch of finesse you need to convey.

#4 Speed Painting

Art is yet another entertainment resource which has been tested in the corporate environment.

If you can find a way – or an entertainer – to weave it naturally in the overall structure of your event, you stand to deliver a high-quality and even stress-relieving experience.

In fact, we can offer you a telling example of one-way speed painting can be reinterpreted to serve as a brand building vehicle at a corporate event. We are talking about the acclaimed sand painter Joe Castillo:

Joe Castillo - Entertain 2016 EPK

#5 The Magic of Interaction


This seems to be the buzzword for anything involving corporate people gathered in the same place. So, you need to offer them a trigger or a session opener that’ll set their mood to laid-back mode.

Magic acts are among the best catalyzers for networking. After all, people have always been intrigued by mystery and enigmas – and a corporate event’s attendees are no different.

Scoop a talented illusionist or a niche magician – depending on your audience – and let them deliver jaw-dropping tricks to get everyone talking.

Excel at the Corporate Event Organizing Game

A first step is to research your future guests thoroughly. They come from slightly different backgrounds and understanding a few nuances will help you deliver each time.

What you can also do in this respect is to stay in touch with an entertainment booking agency like the Grable Group and their offer regarding new performers your guests will marvel at.

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