4 Unique Entertainment Ideas for an Amazing Welcome Reception

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Written by Tim Grable

November 6, 2017

Welcome receptions are an excellent opportunity for guests to begin to get to know each other and mingle in a tasteful setting.

If you are in charge of planning a reception – be it for a corporate occasion or a wedding – you most likely know that choosing the right entertainment is critical to its success.

To make your job easier, we have put together a list of one-of-a-kind entertainment ideas which are sure to further convince your clients of your talents as an event planner.

Sounds like something which might come in handy? Keep on reading.4 Unique Entertainment Ideas for an Amazing Welcome Reception

1. Juggling Performance

New experiences bring people together, and a juggling act that is both surprising and entertaining is the ultimate ice-breaker.

What’s more, booking a juggler will help add a bit of fun to the occasion! Guests will be captivated by the juggler’s ability to perform mind-bending stunts.

Also, a juggling act is easy to tie into a theme (like a circus theme) which can bring the event together and create an experience that everyone is going to enjoy.

If this is an idea you are willing to consider for a welcome reception, we have two excellent suggestions for you:

  • Bob Cates – a Juggling Champion, clean comedian and physical variety artist with over twenty years of experience.
  • The Raspyni Brothers – Four-time world juggling champions with over 200 national television appearances.

2. Contortionism Act

Jaw-dropping. Graceful. Captivating. A top contortionism act is all that and more.

Contortionists have an incredible ability to bend and move their bodies in ways most people would never be able to.

So, if you are looking for entertainment which will dazzle attendees and offer an unforgettable experience, consider booking a professional contortionist for your next welcome reception.

We even have a recommendation for you: Sofie Dossi, a young self-taught contortionist and hand balancer aerialist who will enthrall audiences of all ages with her extraordinary abilities.

Check out her performance for America’s Got Talent finale and see her talent in action.

Sofie Dossi: INSANE Live Finale Act (FULL) | America's Got Talent 2016

How do you know a reception is successful? Guests are talking and casually interacting with one another. So, book entertainment which gives them something to say.

Magic is suitable for audiences of all ages. It creates excitement, wonder, and laughter. A skilled and experienced magician will know how to get the audience involved and encourage guest interaction.

We manage a select pool of magicians and illusionists, so make sure to browse through our list. We are confident you will find an entertainer who is just right for your upcoming welcome reception.

4. Live Event Painting

How about having an event captured life, on canvas, in front of all the guests?

Live-event artists, like the wonderful Heidi Schwartz, paint right there and then.

The result? A memorable interpretive painting which captures the atmosphere and tells the story of the event uniquely.

The work of art comes to life right in front of the guests, which means everyone will get a chance to watch the painting evolve into his final form.

Guests will not be able to stop talking about the fascinating work Heidi did.Heidi schwartz, painter, live event painter, nashville painter

Has Any of These Welcome Reception Entertainment Ideas Caught Your Eye?

Everybody knows that entertainers can make or break events. Any of the acts mentioned in this article would make a great addition to any reception.

One thing to remember, though, is that great entertainment books fast. So contact us as soon as possible.

We are looking forward towards hearing from you.

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