Start Your New Event Year with These Busted Entertainment for Hire Myths

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Written by Tim Grable

February 6, 2018


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Busting myths is a beneficial step in a learning process. Also, in the process of finding entertainment for hire, this statement holds more ground than you would think.

Simply put, the reason for so many misguided assumptions is that events are not always organized by dedicated teams.

So event planners end up resorting to questionable practices, which may lead to confusion or inefficiency.

Here are some of the entertainment-related myths we could do without, starting with this year.

Myth #1: You Should Get All the Entertainment You Can

This is a commonly encountered misstep. The impression is that, as long as they cram the guest list with performers or speakers, people will not lose interest for sure.

While the intention of grabbing attendees’ attention is not a crazy plan by any means, its execution needs finesse and a careful selection.

Start Your New Event Year with These Busted Entertainment for Hire Myths

There are two problems here:

  1. Lots of performers equal additional issues. You need to take care of each speaker or band, which could be tricky to manage if you do not dispose of a dedicated event management team.
  1. Too much entertainment could backfire. The more you have at your event, the more likely it is your guests might not enjoy one act or another.

So, instead of getting your event busy with all the shiniest entertainment for hire options, you can either come up with an original, mind-blowing concept or you could seek the advice of professionals in the entertainment sector.

Myth #2: You are Fine with Just One Entertainment Option

There are some who think ‘more is more,’ and others who go by ‘more is less.’ In the latter group, we can find event planners who get to the entertainment part in the planning process and only think of one option to add to their list.

Those who do this are exposing themselves to the risk of not finding that particular artist available. Moreover, then they start looking for alternatives, which is significantly harder to achieve on short notice.

Myth #3: Entertainment Booking Agencies Are Not Worth It

When they take on the task of organizing an event, people are usually skeptical of hiring entertainment booking agencies.

The common objections are budget-related because, at first glance, it appears agency services are costly to contract.

However, if it were to zero in all the time spent in putting together an appealing, entertaining lineup, the result would be surprising.

If you are an in-demand organization, time is something you want to allocate to other pressing matters. An entertainment booking agency could help you plan events, while not compromising on the entertainment part.

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Finding Entertainment for Hire Is a Process in Itself

So you should grant it all the attention you can.

From integrating it into a well-thought plan to helping the entertainers feel like home, there are dozens of aspects you should sort out.

You want attendees to have the time of their lives, you want them to feel inspired, and you want them to keep your event in mind.

So you should spare no effort while getting entertainment for hire number. Mainly because you can find help in places like The Grable Group website, which provides an outstandingly diverse palette of artists.

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