Creative In-Person Event Ideas to Grow Your Church in 2021

Event Ideas to Grow Your Church mike goodwin

Written by Tim Grable

April 11, 2021

A year has passed since the onset of the pandemic, and people’s lives have been invariably affected. However, this does not mean that we can’t overcome this impasse and look forward to returning to a normal life.

In these troubling times, it is more important to grow your church now more than ever, and through the power of stand-up comedy, you can plan community outreach and give people the incentive to come back and reunite with their peers.

Clean comedy has a broad reach, and it appeals to a variety of tastes and preferences. It is the ideal ”ice-breaker” that gives people an uplifting reason to gather with others and reunite the church’s congregation after a long absence caused by the pandemic.

In the following article, we will give you a few event ideas on what kinds of comedy you can try for your local church and a few examples of clean comedians to help you achieve this effort.

Comedic Keynotes

During church ceremonies, people gather around to listen to various wonderful lectures about life. You can add a bit of variety to these programs by giving them a comedic edge.

Many comedians out there give off amazing speeches, charged with philosophical undertones and valuable life lessons that will delight and entertain your guests until the end of the performance.

If you want to go this route to grow your church, Mike Goodwin is a comedy speaker that we wholeheartedly recommend hiring. His shows are refreshing and filled with takes that evoke big laughs. People in the audience will be laughing in droves at his unique comedic takes makes him one of the best event ideas for your church.

Storytelling Sets

The church is one of the best places to converse and exchange stories with others. These social activities help people form a stronger bond and get an idea of how others have been doing these times.

Those who are more introspective will use others’ stories as a medium to reflect on their livelihood and gain a bit of insight on how to make good decisions in the future.

We might laugh at the stories that comedians tell us, but underneath the comedic narrative, there could be a foundation of truth that’s meant to inspire and teach us a lesson or two.

Banking on storytelling is one of the best event ideas you can have, and one great storyteller that we can recommend is clean comedian Rik Roberts. His sets are composed of long-form stories about many of the surprising situations he has been through in life.

His unique brand of slapstick humor is great for audiences of all ages; children will laugh at the goofy grimaces that Rik makes, while elders will appreciate his words’ wisdom and humility.

Comedy and Magic

Christian stand-up comedy goes hand in hand with magic, with both artforms complementing each other and is a great way to grow your church.

However, if you were to hire a master performer that doubles both as an expert magician and a top-shelf comedian – you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Taylor Mason is the ideal candidate to showcase magic and comedy to its full extent. He can best be described as a versatile performer, flawlessly switching from traditional magic tricks to ventriloquism with ease, all while telling some of the finest jokes.

Get More Event Ideas to Grow Your Church

Through stand-up comedy, you bring fun and entertainment to your church community and encourage people to attend.

At Grable Group, we work with event organizers to provide entertainment solutions for all kinds of social gatherings. If you were thinking of doing something entertaining for your church, then let’s work together!

Be sure to give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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