Event Planning 101: How to Make an Impact on Your Event Attendees

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Written by Tim Grable

January 8, 2019

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Everyone who knows the event planning industry knows the success of any corporate event rests heavily on how guests experience it.

Furthermore, events which make an impact are the ones which provide attendees with a memorable and meaningful experience.

So if you want guests to remember your event and the ideas being communicated, check out the following tips on how to design a one-of-a-kind attendee experience.

Event Planning 101: How to Make an Impact on Your Event Attendees

Consider Including an Element of Surprise

A new experience, an unexpected gift, swag bags with branded goods, a surprise announcement which gets attendees excited; these are all things which typically make an impact because they involve novelty, exclusivity and that much-coveted wow factor.

Customization is critical here, meaning the details of this surprise must be following the audience, the tone of the event and its primary goals.

As an added benefit, adding an element of surprise to the event is an excellent way to facilitate conversations, as it instantly breaks the ice.

Also, it gives guests something to talk about outside the event as well, as they are likely to share the details of the surprise with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Secure Interesting Keynote Speakers

Booking an expert speaker or a thought leader of the industry is an efficient way to add value and make the attendee experience more meaningful. 

Depending on the expertise of the speaker you decide to book, guests can have the opportunity to learn something new which can help them either in their careers, in their lives outside of work or both.

Professional keynote speakers are also particularly skilled at communicating ideas clearly and emphasizing key messages in a way which generates a powerful impact on the audience.

If there are any important points, you want guests to remember long after the event has come to an end, consider one of the top corporate speakers included in our portfolio.

They will take your event to the next level and increase its perceived value. Keep in mind, though, that the best keynote speakers are the first to get booked, so it’s best to act sooner rather than later.

Using Music to Make an Impact Is Always a Safe Bet

One never fully realizes how much music matters at a corporate event until they’ve attended an oddly-silent one.  When there is no music, something feels off, and awkward – almost like the entire venue was zapped of energy.

And music doesn’t just provide an instant energy boost and get people into a positive state of mind, it also sets the tone for the event and is one of the most potent tools for impacting emotion.

What’s more, music helps solidify memories and create strong associations in people’s minds. So, if you book a music act, attendees are likely to remember their experience at your event every time they hear similar music.

This way, you prolong the impact of your event.

To help with your corporate event planning efforts, we’ve included two excellent recommendations which are sure to leave a strong impression on your audience:

  • Yoli Mayor. A semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, Yoli is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter who embraces her vulnerabilities to showcase emotion and genuinely connect with her audience.
  • Rick Lozano. Energy, insight, music, interaction; these are four words which perfectly sum up Rick’s amazing performances. Rick has a lasting impact everywhere he goes thanks to his inspiring keynotes and extraordinary talent as a musician.

 Rick Lozano, artist, music, musician

If you’re interested in booking either one of these exceptional artists, contact us at 615 283 0039. 

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