Plan for a Flawless Welcome Reception with These Handy Tips

Written by Tim Grable

April 16, 2017

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Showing appreciation to a more consistent bunch of guests could be both a thrilling and chilling prospect. It is mainly because you want every aspect of your event to be to everyone’s liking.

While this is virtually impossible, you can at least throw a welcome reception party to be remembered.

This is not to say you will not experience a bit of a stressful time – just enough to make the outcome more rewarding.

However, you can considerably reduce stress levels by taking things slowly and thinking out a smart plan for your reunion. We thought the following tips could be of great help on your way to an exceptional host performance.

Engage and Share the Enthusiasm

Regardless of your events specifics, the time spent prepping for the big day is filled with checklist items to be solved.

woman, plan, pen, desk

However, have you ever asked yourself if you are not overlooking the most important part – your guests’ pre-event excitement?

Too many times do we assume our attendees are as excited as us, without realizing enthusiasm needs to be cultivated.

It does not manifest the same for everyone.

These being said, we have a suggestion: spread the news about your upcoming reception in any form you find suitable.

There are quite a handful of tools you can use:

  • Facebook events where you can share preparatory fun bits or reminders
  • Instagram galleries where you can post your guests’ photos so that they can network beforehand
  • Snapchat stories for more informal settings
  • Sending GIFs instead of invitations or reminders.

The more creative you get, the more you are going to surprise everyone – and entice them to engage and be fully on board.

Make Online Tools Your Welcome Reception’s Best Friends

Does it seem to you that event management online tools are only for businesses?

Well, in this case, you might want to change your mind once you learn how effective they are with small or mid-sized events as well.

A welcome reception can significantly benefit from a systematic overview – which you can have by trying out tools like:

  • Smartsheet  – powered up spreadsheets with live collaboration capabilities
  • AllSeated  – if you are a visual thinker, this tool helps you delineate the elements of your plan more effectively
  • RSVPify  – free 100 RSVPs, which is perfect for a welcome reception profile
  • ConfTool  – a conference management software which works for bigger-scale business/academic receptions.

Even if you are a complete newcomer or rookie in event planning, never hesitate to look for online prompts which ease your workflow.

Bet on the Unexpected

‘There should never be a dull moment within a successful event’ –  this is how a golden rule of event planning would sound in an ideal world.

However, in reality, we know this is not how it works.

There will always be moments wherein guests could feel bored or unengaged.

So, a clever trick to partially avoid this is to announce a surprise or attractive appearance.

Why does it work?

  1. Playing the mystery guest card raises the interest.
  2. During the event, attendees will know they should expect some reveal.
  3. They will look forward to that moment, thus reducing the lack of engagement throughout other moments.
  4. This way, you can also convey a fresh vibe and let your audience know they should expect something worthy of their time.

It does not necessarily have to be a performer. It may well be about a cool:

  • theme
  • setting
  • sweet bar
  • reveal
  • venue item reveal
  • game
  • message
  • product reveal.

Just to give you an idea, we suggest this kind of performance which can be better enjoyed within a welcome reception setting:

in all, our main advice is to go as inventive as you can about your next reception  – it is an environment which allows more freedom.

Good thing we are at your disposal with a wide offer of performers to choose from. Just drop us a line in the contact form.

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