4 Actionable Tips that Will Help You Plan Fun Corporate Events


Written by Tim Grable

February 15, 2020

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Everyone wants to put together fun corporate events guests will honestly enjoy and remember with a smile on their face.

However, planning an exciting event that strengthens relationships between team members and reduces stress is not always easy to do.

To help you out, we’ve shared four actionable tips you should keep in mind for a successful event everyone will love. All you have to do is continue reading.

4 Actionable Tips that Will Help You Plan Fun Corporate Events

1. Include at Least One Interactive Activity

Activities that require the audience’s participation make events more dynamic, more engaging, and more fun. It other words, it makes them better.

Activities are also a great way to add more excitement to your event and perhaps even promote a bit of positive competition among guests.

However, to be effective and support your desire to plan fun corporate events, activities should be well thought-through. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The activity should suit the overall style of your corporate event. Making guests run an obstacle course can be an excellent idea for a relaxed company party picnic. Not so much for a corporate gala, however.
  • Take the agility and the ability of guests into account. While some may be down for a game of soccer, consider that not everyone on your guest list will be keen or able to be part of something so active.  Pick something everyone can be involved in.
  • Ensure that your chosen venue is right for the activity you picked, in terms of available space and facilities.

2. Consider Taking the Event Out from the Office

Even if they like what they do and appreciate their colleagues, reporting to work every day, dressed in the same professional attire to work with the same people, can become a grind for most people.

If you want to plan fun corporate events, give your guests a break from their usual routine and take your event away from the conference rooms and cubicles they know so well.

A change of scenery can not only be refreshing, but it can also change the way guests interact with each other – and encourage them to show a more relaxed side of themselves.

So, if the weather and the venue allow it, consider scheduling part of the event outside.

Another great idea is to choose an unconventional space like an ice skating rink, an amusement park, or something unexpected, like a bowling alley, for example.

Actionable Tips that Will Help You Plan Fun Corporate Events

3. Offer Interactive Food Drink Stations

The vast majority of corporate events will offer some food and drinks, but why not take it to the next level and wow your guests by adding a novelty factor?

Nowadays, many different options allow you to feed and delight guests at the same time. For example, you could have a dressed champagne table Waitresses serving drinks.

Or you could set up a live stir-fry station where guests could watch their food being made right in front of them. It’s a lot more surprising than the traditional buffet, and so guests are more likely to remember it.

4. Prioritize Entertainment for Fun Corporate Events

One of the most effective ways to ensure your events don’t feel stale and predictable is to invest in high-quality entertainment.  Entertainment can make any event more exciting – turning it into an engaging, memorable experience for all those involved.

And this is something we can help you with.

From magicians and comedians to professional keynote speakers and more, you can choose from a wide array of premium entertainers featured in our portfolio.

Start browsing now, and take the first step towards finding the right entertainment for your next event.

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