4 Ways In Which You Can Bring The Fun To A Holiday Party

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Written by Tim Grable

June 30, 2021

The holiday season is probably the best time of the year to throw a party. Around this time, people will be more cheerful and eager to spend time with others, a party providing the best opportunity for them to get together.

During the holidays, you can stretch your creative muscle and implement all sorts of bombastic party ideas. After all, the holidays are a time of lights and decorations, so you can go for as much glamour as you want.

Be sure not to miss the essential aspect of a party – the entertainment factor. To help you out with this, we have listed 4 ideas that you can try out to boost the entertainment for the upcoming holiday party.

A Holiday Toast

Alcohol is usually expected at a party, but it is never seen as one of the night’s main attractions. On most occasions, people ignore what is being served so long as the regular drinks are on the menu.

However, with the help of an expert sommelier, you can offer your guests an experience that will tingle their taste buds, give them a crash course through wine history and provide them with tons of fun moments.

To achieve all of the above, we recommend booking Laurie Forster for your event. She is the perfect candidate to get everyone excited for a toasting soiree, an emcee, comedienne, and wine expert.

Laurie Forster

Throwback Party

There is a common conception that people used to have more fun in the past. You can put this supposition to the test by organizing a retro holiday party.

The entry barrier for such a festivity is really low, and all your guests will have to do is dress as if it was the holiday of the 80’s – while you will provide the music and the decorations to fit the aesthetics.

We recommend getting a DJ for the occasion to enrapture the audience with the best tunes of the respective decades.

Santa Christmas

The Tropical Retreat

If this holiday season is gearing up to be a snowy one, it can be a good idea to offer your event a complete makeover. For example, how many of your guests can say that they spent Christmas at a pool party?

You can say goodbye to the girdle and decorative lights in favor of fake palms and raffia motifs for this type of event. As for the venue, you can rent a hall with ample space to set up tables, decorations, and even a stage.

For such an event, you can hire a band or a comedian to entertain the audience and help them get into the exotic mood of the night.

Palm Trees

The Fun Christmas Showdown

This idea is meant to bring out the creative spirit in all of your guests. You can organize a classic holiday party, but with the twist, everyone must be dressed up as a holiday character.

This kind of celebration is a step back from the drab and over-formalized holiday parties where everyone is expected to dress in their best clothes. Instead, it allows your guests to be as silly and carefree as they want.

To convince your guests that the costumes are imperative, we recommend booking a performer that will wear an outfit such as Piff the Magic Dragon.

He is a magician/comedian that dresses up as a dragon to build up his silly persona.


Ready for the Holiday Party?

We hope that the ideas we have showcased in this article helped inspire you to lay the foundations for an entertaining celebration.

If done right, you are looking at the chance to leave a lasting impression on your guests, which will undoubtedly have beneficial prospects for the future.

We at the Grable Group can help you with the entertainment solutions presented in this article. So give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s work together to bring the fun to your office party!

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