Going Virtual this Year? How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party

Going Virtual this Year? How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party

Written by Terre Grable

October 25, 2020

Wondering how to celebrate your staff this holiday season? A virtual office holiday party is the best way to celebrate your team, even if everyone is located in different locations or cannot gather to gather. Going virtual this year means just about anything that can be done during an in-person party can be accomplished in an online party. 

Is your company hosting an online celebration this Holiday Season? Avoid making your office party a bomb by following these simple steps. Do you want to host a virtual holiday party? Here are 7 tips for a successful celebration. 

1. Have a goal

Like anything else related to business, goals are equally important for a successful virtual office party. The first step is to identify the aim of your event. Are you interested in offering something customized to your specific staff or a gathering that is more general in nature? Is the goal to honor your team and show appreciation for their hard work? Or is the goal to entertain and have a good time? Are you going virtual this year?  Planning a virtual office party that is small and intimate or something larger with more people? There is no right or wrong answer! Yet, having a goal for your time together will assist in planning the best virtual holiday party for your group.

Perhaps you are uncertain and still clarifying the specific agenda. Not a problem! One good question to consider is, “What do you want each person to remember about this year’s virtual Christmas party?” This answer will help you plan an extraordinary event for your team.  

2. Have adequate internet and sound

We have all been there: we log into a scheduled virtual meeting. We are prepared to achieve the most in the allotted time. Then shortly after the program begins, the video starts to freeze and standstill. Next, the sound is delayed, and you begin to feel like you are watching a low-budget movie. This is both frustrating and negatively influences the outcome of the meeting.  

Experience has taught us the importance of having the necessary internet speed and sound for virtual events. Avoid making assumptions in determining if you have accessibility to adequate internet and sound. Instead, begin testing out your current capabilities before you host a virtual holiday party. And the sooner – the better!

Some companies have their technical resources to manage this task. Suppose your company does not consider hiring a virtual host to assist with these details. Our virtual hosts are experienced in emceeing, and they are knowledgeable about what it takes to produce an event virtually. Don’t allow the time with your staff to be disappointing because of technical support issues. Plan to resolve any problems that could arise.  

3. Host a Virtual Holiday Party and Work with Experienced Talent

Using inexperienced talent is like hiring an unqualified person for a specific job. They may be less expensive, but the outcome is usually miserable. Don’t trust your online holiday party to amateur entertainers. If you are going online this year, we only recommend performers that are well-versed in virtual entertainment. Many of our entertainers were among the first to work in a virtual environment. Each knows how to transform the in-person experience to a digital and Livestream event. You can be confident that your holiday party will be compelling, engaging, and, most of all – memorable.

Not sure what kind of talent to consider? There are endless options for talented performers that specialize in digital holiday parties. A Mixologist will teach your staff how to make their favorite holiday drinks. Celebrity chefs will educate while having fun in the kitchen together. Virtual comedians specialize in making your holiday party a custom comedy show that is unique to your team. Magicians will entertain and interact with your group, while a mentalist will dazzle you with their uncanny ability to read minds – even if each person is in a different location! Give us a call to find the perfect match for when you host a virtual holiday party.

Let The Passing Zone presents Your Holiday Spectacular! All the fun and excitement you’ve come to love and expect from The Passing Zone, with a holiday twist. Let Jon & Owen help you create a virtual end of year holiday event that your employees or attendees will never forget. Various levels of customization & pricing, allows this Virtual Holiday Show to fit nearly any budget.

4. Going Virtual This Year? Plan ahead  

You can never go wrong with planning to achieve a successful event. It’s never too late to send a “Save-the-date” notification. Also, some supplies may need to be sent ahead of time to your staff. For example, if your virtual holiday party involves bringing in a mixologist, then sending an ingredient list ahead of time will help each team member. If you provide the necessary ingredients, then plan to ensure everything arrives in time for your staff. Our staff is experienced in taking care of every detail for scheduling a mixologist or celebrity chef. We will make sure each staff member receives their selected kit on time.  

Another thing to consider when offering a digital event is the difference in times zones. If this is an issue, consider sending out notifications the day of and a few hours before each person, reminding them when to join in the fun. A quick text is always a helpful reminder. Waiting until the last minute is a surefire way to make sure your online holiday party fails.

5. Make it festive

Nothing sets the tone for a party than decorating. If you were hosting an in-person holiday party, you would probably decorate the office with holiday themes and music. You might encourage everyone to wear their ugly holiday sweaters or invite them to bring a gag gift for the gift exchange. Virtual holiday parties are no different!  Lift your client’s and employee’s spirits with music, shout-outs, song requests, and holiday fun with The Dueling DJ’s.

Keep the mood festive by having a contest to see who decorates their background with holiday themes. Play holiday music in the digital waiting room and welcome each person in with a special toast and kind word. Have a magician engage with everyone by doing magic tricks while waiting for the party to begin. Or get the party started with a holiday dance party or karaoke. When you host a Virtual Holiday party, they can become more festive because of the infinite decorating options and social media use.

6. Make it about your staff

No one enjoys going to an office party and talking shop. The end of the year, especially this one, is a great time to celebrate the past’s strength and set a foundation for the next year. Your employees are deserving of some appreciation – if for nothing else, then they have continued to show up each day when the going seems impossible. Emphasizing their excellent work will make your employees feel revered and motivated for the times ahead. 

7. Find a reason to keep them there

The great thing about virtual events is that a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time; it’s just that they require a continuous rhythm for the best outcome. The most successful virtual holiday parties last less about an hour and offer different things to keep the party going. Shorter bouts of activity keep people engaged and interactive, especially in the digital world.  

What zany antics can the boss do to surprise team members? Why not up the ante with a virtual scavenger hunt or classic holiday trivia with prizes? Holiday jukebox bingo is a hit with every age and group size. Don’t offer a monochromatic and boring event with just a single talent. Keep the party going by offering more than one genre. Perhaps start with some karaoke, move onto a mixologist, laugh with a comedian, and end with a Santa gift exchange. 

Even if the bonus checks are smaller this year, you can still celebrate your staff by going virtual this year.  Let us help you host a virtual holiday party! 

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