Here Are The Advantages of Hiring a Performer From America’s Got Talent

Eric Chien

Written by Tim Grable

June 30, 2019


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Hiring a performer from America’s Got Talent may not seem any different from hiring any other entertainer. However, there are some inherent benefits which sometimes are not obvious at first glance.

That is why, in the following article, we’ve taken the responsibility to highlight 3 of the most significant advantages which come along with hiring an artist from a show as popular as America’s Got Talent.

A Great Way to Promote Your Event

America’s Got Talent gives performers a platform to showcase their talents in front of a live audience and an even bigger online audience. Being on such a massive stage is undoubtedly good for publicity.

By extension, many performers who have been on the show turned out to become very well known – and this can be seen on the internet, as evidenced by the videos of them who gather millions of views on YouTube.

It’s safe to say people are interested to see them perform. So this can mean quite a lot for your event, as hiring a performer who was on the show can serve as a great marketing tool.

People will be very excited to see the name of a magician or comedian they’ve seen on America’s Got Talent. Moreover, this helps to create substantial buzz for your event, which leads to a boost in attendance.

 Harrison Greenbaum, Hiring a Performer From America's Got Talent

One such performer, who will be a great addition to your event, is Harrison Greenbaum. He is an award-winning stand-up comedian who has raised to fame due to his sharp wit and cunning sense of humor.

He was featured on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, during the auditions, where he knocked both the audience and the judges with his fiery humor.

Offers Your Audience an Amazing Experience

Those who have made it far on America’s Got Talent had something special. People voted for their favorite entertainers so they’d get to see more of their performances.

There’s no doubt the contestants from the show can put on an amazing spectacle – one that your guests will surely not forget.

Perhaps many of your guests have seen the performance on the internet, and you can be sure they’ll cherish the chance to get to see it live.

Besides that, your guests will surely be thrilled to see a familiar face perform live in front of them, as opposed to seeing an entertainer with whom they have no previous connection.

 Eric Chien

If you are interested in hiring a performer like Shin Lim from AGT Season 13.  One performer we recommend is Eric ChienHe is a world-renowned mentalist and illusionist who has been featured on many television networks, theaters, corporations.

When he goes on stage, he exceeds everyone’s expectations by performing very elaborate acts of close-up magic. Just one taste of his high-energy magic show and your guests will surely be hooked!

Makes Your Event Stand out

Sure, an event may be highly entertaining and well-publicized, yet, it may lack the uniqueness a performer from America’s Got Talent can bring to the table.

For example, many people have seen a stand-up comedy event, but how many have seen a juggling trapeze artist?

 Laura Ernst

We’re talking about Laura Ernst; she is a fantastic performer who wows the audiences with her unique blend of juggling and acrobatics.

The stunts she performs are breathtaking, and the fact she juggles the whole time makes it even better – your guests will surely look forward towards seeing her perform.

Have You Decided on Hiring a Performer?

We hope this article convinced you that hiring top performers from America’s Got Talent is undoubtedly beneficial for you and your event.

If you’d like to go ahead and book the services of the performers featured in this article, then you can call us right away at 615-283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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