What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Corporate Event Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

February 28, 2018

Whether you are planning a company anniversary party, a large gala or a product launch event, hiring corporate event entertainment is going to play a huge role in its success.  The good news is there are a lot of great options out there to choose from.

However, with many options often come many details – and much confusion.

Cheer up the Office Atmosphere with a Corporate Event Entertainer

Corporate events can serve many different purposes. You can organize them to inspire and motivate your employees by bringing in a motivational speaker, or you can bring in a corporate event entertainer who is going to make everyone laugh and have a good time.

These kinds of events play a significant role in any corporation, so it is a good idea to organize something like this once a month or at least once every few months.

To help out, we have put together a list of a few essential aspects to keep in mind before hiring corporate event entertainment off your checklist.

What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Corporate Event Entertainment

The Role Which Entertainment Is Meant to Play

Different types of entertainment serve different purposes.

The main question you need to ask yourself here concerns the way an entertainment choice takes the specs of your event into consideration. More often than not, you can break this down into two main categories:

  • Entertainment that is the center of attention (appropriate for company galas and holiday parties). In this case, the performance is the highlight of the event and is meant to engage guests. We recommend choosing a dynamic act that will be truly memorable, such as a state-of-the-art live edu-tainment performance or a fully choreographed, interactive electric violin show.
  • Entertainment meant to provide a background for other activities.  If you are putting together a business meeting or conference, booking entertainment that doesn’t demand the full and constant attention of attendees may be more suitable.  Think alongside the lines of a piano player whose music is piped by the venue’s sound system.

The benefits of hiring a corporate event entertainer

Cheer up the Atmosphere at the Office with a Corporate Event EntertainerIt helps employees integrate more easily. A corporate event is an excellent opportunity for them to socialize, especially if there are some new employees who did not have the chance to meet everyone from the company. Also, by making contact in an informal environment, they will feel more comfortable around them.

It removes the barrier between departments. Even though there may be some differences, disputes or simply the fact that people from different departments do not know each other. All of these things can go away after such an event, where they’ll have the chance to get acquainted.

It helps people recharge their batteries. Everyone needs to have fun from time to time and recharge their batteries after months of hard work. So what better way to do it than to have a good time with your colleagues. As it turns out, laughter can provide surprising benefits for our moods.

Brand Alignment

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is how well hiring corporate event entertainment aligns with the brand you try to promote.

The entertainment you choose will be seen as a direct reflection of you and the company’s image. An excellent way to make sure you pick wisely is to match the entertainment style with the event’s underlying goals.

These are just a few categories of program styles which may inspire you:

  • Inspirational; if one of the event’s goals is to motivate guests.
  • Educational-informative; great for painting the picture of a brand that celebrates and encourages progress through knowledge.
  • Humorousfor brands who value workplace morale.

Niche Entertainment Is Somewhat of A Gamble

One of the biggest yet most common mistakes those in charge of choosing the entertainment make is considering their preferences – not their guests’.

For instance, just because you like a niche musical group does not mean guests will appreciate it as well.

That is unless you have thoroughly researched your audience and you know for a fact that most of them enjoy the corporate event entertainment you have in mind.

As a general rule, however, you may be better off playing it safe. Pretty much everyone likes to listen to music and dance, so you cannot go wrong by picking either a sole singer or a musical band.

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Jason Michaels, a premier corporate event entertainer

Jason Michaels is a corporate magician, and he has received only positive testimonials from his happy clients.

You know what’s more frustrating than hiring a bad corporate entertainer? Hiring one that won’t engage with the audience.

Fortunately, Jason is not one of those entertainers. In fact, he is well known for interacting and engaging with his audience while also being full of energy, humor and wearing a big smile on his face. What makes Jason’s performances so unique is the fact that he works closely with each and every client. Also, he can create a show in which he’ll involve the entire audience.

It would be disappointing to see your employees just stand around, watching random performers do their job. Instead, why not hire someone like Jason who will have his audience actively involved in his act?

Jason’s magician act is like no other. Your company’s employees may even talk about his performance weeks after they’ve seen him. He is extremely talented at combining his intelligence, sophistication, charm and theatrical experience to “wow” his audience.

Jason differentiates himself from other magician performers by using comedy, a little bit of drama, storytelling and, of course, magic. You do not see magicians who choose to perform in the corporate entertainment world too often, but Jason took this chance.

Fortune 500 companies, like Wal-Mart or FedEx, are proud to have had Jason perform at their corporate events.

If you are looking for a corporate event entertainer that will make a strong impression on your company’s employees, Jason Michaels is the one you should consider.

Hiring Corporate Event Entertainment? – Time to Narrow down Your Search

The sooner you start researching your options, the more time you will have to make a decision. Keep in mind the things we have included in this article as you weigh in your choices.

Also, don’t forget that we provide a simple way for you to browse through the entertainers on our site. Filter based on your top criteria and hiring corporate event entertainment faster.

You can contact us if you want to find out more details about booking an entertainer. We’d be happy to help you organize a memorable corporate event!      

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