4 Corporate Entertainment Ideas to Consider This Holiday Season

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Written by Tim Grable

August 13, 2022

Christmas parties have a long history in the corporate world. For many years most offices have had the tradition of throwing an annual Christmas party for the employees.

Coming out of the pandemic, most organizations relish the opportunity to once again meet up with their colleagues and celebrate like in previous years.

If you’re on the team tasked with organizing it, you’re most likely interested in trying something new this year. Luckily, plenty of corporate entertainment options allow you to set up a unique Christmas party.

We’ve sorted through many of them and come up with 4 ideas you should consider trying for this holiday season.

Corporate Entertainment Idea Holiday Season

1. Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas parties aren’t quite the same without a thematic bar. It helps people get into the holiday spirit and socialize more efficiently over a drink.

The bar can have special seasonal drinks that fit well with the Christmas theme, such as peppermint martini, spike gingerbread eggnog, or a gin punch.

Drinks are good catalysts to corporate entertainment, but if you want to make the bar an entertaining experience, we recommend hiring a mixologist to prepare the drinks this holiday season.

We can recommend working with Michael Green for this occasion. He’s an expert sommelier and mixologist with an ardent passion for exquisite tastes. Michael can transform a simple bar into an educational and sensory experience. Your guests will get the chance to try out exceptional beverages and learn how to prepare them.

Michael Green

2. Party Games

When you have so many people gathered, trying out a set of party games is a great occasion. These can range from simple group games such as bingo to more elaborate games like a murder mystery.

Or, you could also be reenacting a game show on TV, where you have a set of participants and people who can play the jury. This way, everyone will get involved in the game, one way or another.

As for the games, you can imitate the format of a popular game show on TV – for example, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Jeopardy!, Family Feud, or Face Off.

You can give these games a holiday season twist to better fit them with the event’s theme.

Holiday Games

3. A Night Full of Magic

The holidays are the time of the year that feels the most magical. For one night, you can bring real magic to your Christmas party.

You can hire a party magician to perform in front of the attendees, to offer them a captivating experience and give them many things to talk about for the night.

One magician we can’t recommend enough is Tom Pesce. He is a corporate entertainment powerhouse and a true professional. His magic tricks revolve around performing quick sleight-of-hand techniques.

However, your audience won’t remain speechless because Tom is also an excellent showman. He’s known for being very engaging, often calling people on stage to be part of the act and even teaching them how to replicate many of his tricks.

4. Fun for Everyone this Holiday Season

Comedy is a good addition to any event, especially during the holidays when people are more cheerful than ever.

If you want to set a good mood from the start, steer your event in a comedic direction. For example, you could ask your guests to wear the iconic ugly Christmas sweater or to come disguised as popular Christmas characters.

But it doesn’t have to stop here; you could add a stand-up routine as the main highlight of the party. You can do this by booking a comedian to perform for your guests.

Suppose you consider that everyone will be dressed in ugly sweaters and costumes. In that case, it’ll offer tons of opportunities for the comedian to joke about the whole situation.

christmas snowman

More Corporate Entertainment Ideas

This year’s Christmas party is bound to be something special this holiday season. The ideas in this article are only a few options you can implement for your party. And whatever you decide to do, you will undoubtedly need professionals to entertain your audience.

At the Grable Group, we offer various holiday entertainment solutions tailored for all events of all shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in hiring any of the performers we’ve mentioned in this article, or if you’re curious to learn more call at 615-283-0039.

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