Holiday Corporate Party Ideas: Christmas Season Options to a Company Event

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Written by Tim Grable

July 21, 2017

Planning an office party this year and don’t know what you want to do? It can be difficult to make the office party unique.  Too many times have employees attended Christmas parties that didn’t quite live up to their expectations. It is because using the same party concept over and over again can only work up to a certain point.

So why not look for some alternatives to those overused holiday corporate party ideas? 

Check out the following lines for inspiration.

Holiday Corporate Party Ideas: Christmas Season Alternatives to a Company Event

Charity Time: Focus on Giving

Everybody loves a good party. However, in the context of Christmas, it would be a good idea to focus on giving to others as a way to celebrate.

People love to make themselves useful, and there are several ways you can help them do that:

  • Partner with a charity and provide the space to host a charity event
  • Have your employees volunteer for a foundation in December
  • Rally for a cause
  • Host DIY workshops to create Christmas decorations or presents for those in need

The list could go on. If you set your mind to it, the creative holiday corporate party ideas will start pouring in. If not, a brainstorming would be quite welcome as well.

As for the charity entertainment part, you have options. Simon Pierro – the renowned iPad magician – would make for an excellent choice. Here’s a sample of what he can do:

Christmas Card Workshop

Christmas cards are not only for relatives and friends. They could also be used to increase:

  • brand awareness
  • brand-building
  • customer engagement

There’s no such thing as too many “Thank you’s” for your most loyal customers or stakeholders. They appreciate you valuing their contribution, so sending them Christmas cards can only improve your business relationships.

Even more so, if you make an effort to personalize them.

How to do that?

Gather everyone in the office and set up brainstorming for ideas. You will spend some quality together and do something useful for your business.

If you have graphic designers around, you can ask them to put your vision on paper. You can even go further and establish this as a tradition or even create a place to pin all your card designs throughout the years. 

Holiday Corporate Party Ideas: Office Decoration Contest

Have you considered redecorating the work area for Christmas?

You can turn this activity into one of those corporate party ideas and pleasantly surprise your employees.

Instead of a party, go for a whole evening dedicated to making the workspace more homely. You can also decide whether the redecoration should be Christmas-themed or suited to a long-term vision.

Either way, your colleagues will most likely find this Christmas party alternative more engaging than a regular one. 

Party with a Twist

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While regular parties are great opportunities to show off a gown or a new suit, they might be better suited to other occasions or time of the year.

However, if you know for sure that employees like to get dressed up for Christmas, you can still book a place to have fun.

However, add a twist, and ask them to wear personalized DIY T-shirts.

This attire will sure make the bunch of you look like fun people to be around. Also, make sure you show off your offbeat party organizing skills on social media.

Wipe office party planning woes away with holiday party ideas for work

Have you ever considered a comedian?

If you are laughing already, that is a great start! Comedians change the game entirely. They bring a different flavor to an event that isn’t matched by any other type of performer. They can perform a skit or do improv and involve the crowd. They can make people loosen up, shake off the stress from work that has been sitting on their shoulders all year, and laugh out loud among the very people they spend the majority of their time with. Don’t underestimate the power of laughter. It’ll change the way they approach work when they return to the office. It will give them something to talk about in the break room. Think of the way an inside joke makes the people in on it feel. Now imagine an entire office being in on the joke. One evening with a comedian can make people who never speak with each other fast friends.

Ron Pearson connects with his audience regardless of age. His brand of humor is timeless. Frankly, he is just funny. Funny crosses many lines – age and culture included. Rob Pearson has mastered his art, and it shows in his performances. No wonder he has had so many TV performances, including a spot on That 70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, and The Late Late Show. Oh, and if you like the trick is he is got some up his sleeve. Remember W.C. Field’s cigar boxes.

Henry Cho can be heard on XM Radio’s comedy show Laugh USA. From the start, he presents something many have not seen. He is a man of Korean descent with a southern US accent. He is been known to mention and state the humor in just his being who he is. Put plainly he gets you started on his comedic journey right from the beginning.

Ah, parenthood. His unique way of talking about what happens in a child’s life (and subsequently every parent) is so compelling even people without children find themselves nodding in agreement. However, if you have a child, well, it is like he is speaking your language. Funny is entertainment.

Tom Cotter knows how to make the best of a weird situation. He makes light of his time on America’s Got Talent and makes you laugh even when you were not expecting to. Bringing him to your show, and you’ll think about things differently forever.

Your employees work hard for you all year. Let us help you with some holiday party ideas for work. The holidays are a perfect time for you to help everyone unwind and show them how much they are appreciated. The best holiday party ideas for work typically include a fancy dinner or a cocktail party. Sometimes, these events result in employees being sucked into talking about work. Hiring a comedian gives them something else to talk about and gives employees a reason to smile. Employees who are appreciated are happier and more productive; what better way to show appreciation than with the gift of laughter? Hiring a comedian is the best choice for a holiday party for work.

Anthony Griffith knows how to tell a story to maximum effect, defying everyone in the audience to keep a straight face. The best part is, as, in The Remote Black Bear Excursions, the observations and truths he points out are all about the absurdity of human activity. Anthony Griffith has a great sense of timing.

Todd Oliver, The Dog Ventriloquist, may be most widely known for his appearance on the seventh season of America’s Got Talent. The Q&A between Oliver and his pooch will tickle the ribcage of pet lovers, but their discussions are universal enough to appeal to a wider audience. Oliver and Irving are playful with the audience as well.

Eric Dittelman knows what is on people’s mind! As a guest on Ellen, he was able to tell what each of the participants drew despite his being blindfolded. Interacting with the whole audience, Dittleman uses humor and self-deprecation to get a laugh. Whether skeptical or willing believers, the audience is sure to be entertained by this mind reader.

Keith Alberstadt is a sarcastic fellow. His stand-up routines use everyday situations to express how life should be. Everyone can relate to the jokes, such as a hotel which offers condoms and massage oils, but no in-room coffee. From Last Comic Standing to appearances on late night TV, comedic Nashville native Keith Alberstadt can read a crowd and get them laughing. Keith’s delivery is just so mattered of fact you are laughing before you even settling into your chair. His sarcasm is witty, sharp, and direct. Moreover, absolutely hilarious. He is one of the funniest people in the business. Take one listen, and you’ll see why he should be one of your fun office holiday ideas

Bob Stromberg’s stories will have the crowd in stitches. His acts include playful interactions with the audience as he expertly weaves his experiences with humor, including audience members in his stories without missing a beat. Fused with gestures, facial expressions, and perfect timing, Stromberg is a good bet for entertaining a crowd.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Joe Castillo is a gifted entertainer with over 30 years of experience. Castillo and his SandStory have gone to over twenty different countries around the world and entertained countless heads of state and Fortune 500 companies, and is sure to entertain your audiences no matter who they are.

Even though his nickname is “The King of Uncool,” Daren Streblow has been anything but unpopular. He just finds the humor in situations most people do not find remotely funny. With that talent has opened for big names like Brad Stine and Weird Al Yankovic. In creating his sketches, he takes the ordinary things that happen to us all and draws out the parts we can laugh at together. That type of magic enchants partygoers all night long.

Your employees give you their best. Don’t stick with the same tired holiday party ideas for work, hire a comedian. The shared laughter and good times will transfer to a more cohesive work group and greater happiness on the job. Happiness will lead to better work getting done.

Now that you got a few holiday Corporate Party Ideas, are you ready to kick off the holiday preparations? Hire a comedian for your next holiday party and celebrate life and laughter.  You can count on us to bring the best party entertainment.

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