What You Can Do To Make Your Holiday Party More Entertaining

Holiday Party More Entertaining

Written by Tim Grable

May 11, 2020

People enjoy a good party, and few would want to miss the chance to take part in one, which promises a lot of fun and unique experiences.

Coming up with engaging Entertainment and corporate party ideas is usually a time-consuming task. Your corporate event needs to please many different people, of different ages. It needs to be engaging, but not over the top, classy, and it must scream professionalism.

As an event organizer, if your goal is to make your holiday party more entertaining, it is wise to plan and give your guests multiple reasons to get excited about it.

If you have run out of entertainment and corporate party ideas and nothing you have come up with so far seems appealing, read on.  In this following article, we will present you with a few suggestions on how you can crank up the entertainment value for your holiday event and make it a worthwhile experience for your guests.

What You Can Do To Make Your Holiday Party More Entertaining

1. Break the Monotony with Interesting Activities

It is never a bad idea to integrate games and activities into your party’s program. They are a great way to ensure your guests are interacting with each other and that a fun holiday atmosphere is continuously maintained.

Also, they are a great way to encourage a bit of friendly competition between guests – assuring they will be entirely dedicated to the whole experience.

You can organize activities such as dance-offs, bowling, darts competitions, a secret Santa, or even wine sampling.

The activities you can employ depend entirely on your guests’ tastes. You can go ahead and assess what your guests might like and plan according to their preferences.

2. Theme it up

Sadly, Halloween is only once a year. However, you can dress up anyway if you decide to throw a party at the office that has a theme. People get excited when it is time for them to become a different character, so this is a good approach when it comes to throwing an office party that everyone will be eager to attend.

Plus, this way, a party will never be boring again because let’s face it: We spend too much time wearing our everyday work clothes and it is always good to change it up a little bit.  Your key goal is to incorporate a theme which would spark conversations with ease.

3. Game on!

Raise your hand if you do not like games. Yeah, we thought so. Whether you choose to play those fun games that are so popular during team building events, or you bring some board games, games are the magic ingredient when it comes to having fun.

Also, if the employees did not really have the time to get to know each other, and they find it a little bit awkward to start randomly a conversation, games are an excellent icebreaker.

4. Prepare a Mystery Solving Night

Everybody loves a good puzzle. Shrouding your holiday event in mystery may be one of the best corporate party ideas, especially if you know your guests love escape rooms.

Almost everybody likes quests and challenges, and it is easy for them to get caught in mystery games and contests.

You can either organize the guests to work in pairs, either give them each a particular role and tell them what they should do to solve the puzzle.

5.  Gifts

Who does not like receiving gifts?!

There’s nothing extravagant or out of the ordinary about this idea. Which is what makes it great.

You can either organize a traditional Secret Santa or mix things up a bit and arrange a raffle – in this way; nobody will expect an individual gift.

They will all be eager to see what they have got, as well as witness the reactions of those who receive their gifts.

Additionally, you could spice things up a bit by asking them to answer certain questions to receive individual gifts. If you do so, make it funny!

6. Don’t Forget the Photo Booth

Photo booths have almost become synonymous with corporate parties, to a point where they’re practically expected to be there.

However, this happens for good reasons because if you want to preserve the memory of your holiday party, then you would like to have as many photos taken as possible.

Also, people wouldn’t want to pass the opportunity to take professional quality photos alongside their dear coworkers and colleagues.

Be sure to opt for a photo booth and put it in a spot where it captures the people’s attention, but doesn’t interfere with the main activities of the event.

You will soon find that it is an effective way of maintaining your guests entertained while, at the same time, capturing the fun of the evening.

photo booth

7. Hire a Professional for Your Holiday Party

Since entertainment is crucial for festivities, it’s best to leave it at the hands of professionals. Having an industry powerhouse on stage to take care of your guests’ entertainment is perhaps the best way to let your party go on.

Many performers have years of on-stage experience for both live and virtual events, or maybe they have hosted events with thousands of people in attendance, which is why you can’t go wrong when hiring them to engage with the audience.

Think of a type of performer who best suits your holiday party, preferably an entertainer whose kind of humor or act can appeal to the majority of the audience, and you’re set.

Digital Deception fuses magic and technology in an entertaining, customizable show that is perfect for both live events and virtual programs.  This interactive show seamlessly integrates the technology platforms and gadgets we know and use everyday; mobile phones, social media, GPS, text messaging, and even drones.

8. Make People Laugh by Booking a Comedy Act

One of the best holiday party ideas is to hire a professional entertainer to upgrade your event. Some of the best clean comedians out there can customize their performance specifically for your office.

There’s an added benefit as well: your guests will have something to look forward to once they hear a comedian is performing at the event. Also, the act will make it easier for your guests to start a conversation and interact with each other.

Rocky LaPorte’s appeal comes from his everyman, streetwise style of observational comedy.  He has performed on Showtime, Comedy Central, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, A&E‘s Evening At The Improv and VH1‘s Stand-Up Spotlight and Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List.

Daren Streblow has been everywhere, bringing laughs to  non-profit organizations, companies, camps and colleges. He knows what a great effect a good laugh can have, bringing people together and motivating them to be better people and looking forward to a new day.


Booking one of these entertaining performers for your company holiday party will turn your event on its ear. Your guests may have to go back to work the next day, but it’s going to be with the good feelings and conversation sparked by funny comedy or amazing magic that improves relationships, strengthens resolve and makes everyone look forward to next year’s event.

Let’s Get This Party Started

If you feel like your event could use an extra oomph! you should consider a booking agency.

When you plan accordingly and make sure all the preparations taken care of, you are looking forward to an evening that brings a lot of positive experiences and tons of smiles.

We can help you find the right performer for your event regardless if you do a live event or online program; all you have to do is to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you with all of your corporate holiday parties!

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