How to Throw the Best Holiday Party Ever

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Written by Tim Grable

May 8, 2020

Everyone wants their company holiday party to be a great event. You reserve a solid venue, get the best caterer and make sure the music’s poppin’. However, how do you put together an event that’s going to be as memorable as a corporate event can get?  It’s often the little things that make an occasion to be truly memorable. And if you were to look back at some of the parties you have attended, surely you can think of a few reasons why you fondly remember them.

Was it because of the music, the scattershot activities which took place, or the company of coworkers who were also having a good time?

As an event organizer, it’s important to take into consideration all these factors to put together a holiday party that can appeal to the broad preferences and moods of your guests.

In this following article, we will showcase some key factors which, if done right, will surely put your party a step above all the rest!

holiday party

Don’t Stop the Music

Depending on what kind of theme or mood you want to give to your party, you will enjoy the music to be fitting at all times.

For example, maybe you are aiming for a silent and Christmassy night; in this case, you would want piano tunes and festive jingles to ring in the background.

However, if your corporate culture is youthful and rebellious, then you would want to have jazzier or with guitar-driven tunes – which go perfectly with New Year’s Eve party.

Live Band

If you want to go even further, then we suggest you hire a live band or a DJ to enhance your guests’ musical experience.

Having professionals to be in charge of the music assures you always have someone who feels the vibe of the guests and plays the music, which keeps them engaged all night!

A Diverse Holiday Party

Having multiple minor activities planned throughout the event’s duration ensures the experience doesn’t become stale. Guests will never feel bored once they have various options where they could spend their time.

You can get creative and incorporate props or party games as part of the event. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • The Red Carpet. Put a red carpet at the entrance and put a few ribboned poles alongside it. Guests will feel elated to walk like celebrities, and they will surely take turns trying to take that one perfect picture.
  • The Photo Booth. The booth has become a staple of corporate parties, with guests always being enamored by the idea of taking photos with their beloved colleagues and having them printed on the spot.
  • Special Drinks at the bar. Beer, wine, and unmixed spirits are the standard, but you can give guests the chance to try something different. Eggnog is an excellent choice of beverage to hand out to guests.
  • Karaoke. It has guests torn between those who want to show off their singing skills and those who want to laugh at the silly performances. However, karaoke inevitably gets almost everyone involved. Sooner or later, you will have a whole bunch of guests singing carols and hit holiday tunes.

party drinks

The Main Event They Can Look Forward to

Multiple small-scale activities will keep guests engaged throughout the majority of the night, but one main event gives them something big to look forward to for your holiday party.

Be sure to plan accordingly and let your guests know the exact hour when the event starts. Do not plan it too early, so as some of the guests wouldn’t miss it and do not plan it too late either, having the risk of some people leaving.

As for the event’s content, you could maybe hire a magician and offer your guests a breathtaking and unique experience, perhaps a comedian to crank up the entertainment value.

Christmas Party

Based on the holiday, you can even give it a specific twist. For example, if it’s Christmas, have the performers dress up festively or even have them dress up as Santa, making for a perfect opener for their performance.

It all depends on what theme or mood you are going for, but having professional entertainment as the event’s highlight seldom fails.

Holiday Office Party Ideas That Will Have Them Laughing

While there may be a wide range of entertainment options available, nothing brings out the holiday spirit faster than good times and belly laughter. Laughing is contagious and helps to bond people who enjoy the common experience of feeling good. This year is the year set aside for other holiday office party ideas and focuses on hiring a professional comedian to enhance the holiday spirit. Many of today’s comedians are in tune with the nuances of life and give us permission to laugh at them, with them, and ultimately laugh at ourselves.

Here is a list of first-class, professional comics who would make the perfect host for any Christmas party and will provide the kind of entertainment employees will remember and talk about for years.  Hiring comedy will be sure to have your company talking about the party for some time to come…in a good way, instead of the party they wanted to escape. Comedy can be one of the best company holiday party ideas, and one that no one has tried before!

Taylor Mason is the full package. Singer-songwriter, ventriloquist, puppeteer, musician and, oh, yeah, a wonderful clean comedian. Taylor Mason seems like the guy next door. With a likable personality and easy to understand banter, he gets the show going with some “I can relate to that” type jokes. Then he will bring out his secret weapon. Taylor Mason is couples comedy with a ventriloquist act that will have a little something for everyone.  Taylor is one of the best company holiday party ideas.

Fans throughout the country enjoy good-spirited, self-deprecating humor.  Daren Streblow has a smooth delivery style and unique view of his position in the world. His funny take on life is directed at everyday things that we do as humans, but could never begin to explain.

Jeff Allen has been playing his trade in comedy clubs and on popular cable comedy shows for years. The key to Allen’s comedy is that he seems to see the world he lives in through a very humorous filter. His versatility and ability to adjust to any audience makes him a favorite for Holiday Parties.

It would be hard to deny the talents of one of the truly great comedians of the last quarter-century. Sinbad’s animated and excited approach to a variety of topics from today and the past are sure to appeal to audiences from all walks of life. Over the past 25 years, Sinbad has been a constant on TV and in movies such as “Necessary Roughness”.

Cotter’s rapid fire delivery style is enough to put audiences on the floor and in the aisles with laughter. After appearing on the late night show circuit for years, Tom Cotter got his big break when he finished as runner-up during the 2012 edition America’s Got Talent. His versatility is perfect for any crowd.

Perhaps Dan Naturman has finished as a runner-up on America’s Got Talent and Last Comic Standing, but he has certainly been a winner with fans. His diversified material and nerdish delivery style are hilarious and timeless, perfectly suitable for a company event.

Bob Stromberg has three decades and thousands of performances of fun under his belt. Moreover, his ability to delight audiences with corporate clean comedy has never been sharper. He’ll bring value to your holiday party, tackling group dynamics and supporting your corporate message and vision.

A veteran of no less than a dozen movies, Michael Joiner has a hilariously poignant point of view. Despite the laid back delivery, he is a skilled pro and capable of bringing tears to your eyes. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and was part of The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour.

From Comedy Central to the country’s biggest clubs, Joby Saad started as a clean comedy writer before joining the stage with the likes of Jeff Foxworthy, Paula Poundstone and Tim Allen. Keeping it clean, Joby has performed for the troops, entertained children and families at military bases and hospitals, and performed on Late Show with David Letterman.

“Tis the season to be jolly” is the perfect sentiment to consider when trying to come up with the best holiday office party ideas. If you want to keep the festivities’ light and fun for employees and family, you need to hire one of these amazing comedians. After all, your employees certainly deserve the best and a night to remember.

The Best Place for Professional Entertainment

Your holiday party will not be the same once you put the ideas into practice. If you go on the route of hiring professionals for the main segment, then you are going for a premium!

A party filled with activities and entertainment will assure your guests will be thoroughly engaged and that they will remember the experience for a long time coming.

We, at The Grable Group, can provide you with the best entertainment solutions for both in-person and virtual events. Reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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