How to Make Your Job As a Corporate Event Coordinator More Effective

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Written by Tim Grable

March 30, 2018


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As the year gets underway, the event season starts to get into full swing, and the job of a corporate event coordinator needs to get more and more effective.

It is not exactly easy to keep up, especially when you are working at (or for) a large organization.

However, there are a few ways you can ensure you put in a peak performance each time and we have a few thoughts about this.

Grow Your Skills

No matter how much experience you have under your belt, the secret to being a more efficient event planner is to never rest on your laurels.

Instead, you will want to get in the ‘student mindset’ and always be up to date with every tendency in the cultural and tech worlds.

This constant preoccupation will help you be more efficient since you will not spend hours, days and sometimes weeks to come up with ideas and concepts for your events.

ow to Make Your Job As a Corporate Event Coordinator More Effective

Use the Mighty Hashtag

Just as they say one learns from mistakes, a corporate event coordinator should learn from past events.

For that, they need to measure the impact of each event – or, in other words, the event engagement. Of course, each event planner should choose the metrics which suit their company and event purpose.

One of the most relevant indicators of an event’s performance is the event hashtag (in case there has been a specific social media campaign running well in advance).

If you make sure every guest knows about the hashtag, this will tell you whether people were engaged with what happened. If the event they have been part of has left an impression on them, they will share photos, clips or even live video alongside the hashtag.

The event hashtag will help you keep track of all the buzz the event is generating.

If people do not use it, you can consider this when you plan your next event. You can either craft a catchier call to action for the hashtag, or you can adjust your marketing strategy altogether.

Get a Helping Hand

There is no such thing as too much caution when your goal as a corporate event coordinator is to achieve perfection with your event.

Moreover, even if you are a great organizer, another pair of eyes to check everything is fine is always welcome.

So, to ease your workload and make the whole planning process be a breeze, co-opting a teammate as an assistant is one of the best decisions you can make.

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Be the Best Corporate Event Coordinator You Can Be and Call an Entertainment Booking Agency

Even just taking care of the aspects in the paragraphs above takes loads of time and imply lots of details that could go awry.

However, the one chapter you really can’t afford to leave to chance is the entertainment. Your main goal is for people to have a great time at the event, so the best way to ensure this will happen 100% is to let a corporate entertainment agency handle it all.

From our experience at The Grable Group, we can say event planners who choose this option have significantly more time to perfect the other items on their checklists.

Not only that, but they also report much efficient budget management.

If you want to count yourself among the event planners who get things done effortlessly, a call to The Grable Group at 615 283 0039 might do the trick.

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