How to Plan the Best Holiday Party: 4 Essential Holiday Office Party Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

April 14, 2017

Holiday parties are always fun, especially at the office. A holiday office party usually means that you won’t be going to work for a week or two (depending on your industry) and that you’ll finally be able to spend time sleeping and doing all those things you love doing outside of work.

When holidays are just around the corner, it is a common practice for companies to show appreciation for all the hard work their employees have done all year long.

Throwing a party is one of these ways, but there are other surprises.

This article will discuss the essential tips you need to keep in mind so that people will have a great time at your holiday office party. 

Holiday Office Party

1. Music

Holidays are all about the atmosphere, and holiday-themed music will get your colleagues in the mood to have a great time.

Not only that, but we personally never heard of a party where no music was played.

Also, try to vary the genres. Too much holiday music can get annoying after a while.

2. Food and drinks

You have to feed people so they will have the energy to dance and enjoy themselves without being distracted by their stomach’s growling noises.

A good idea would be to serve the food buffet style so that people can choose how much they want to eat and what type of food they want. Make sure you have vegetarian and vegan food options, so everyone is happy.

Moreover, don’t forget to make sure you have enough beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

3. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is so much fun; you definitely cannot miss out on this one! Don’t forget that all the colleagues need to secretly pick the person for whom they need to buy the gift a week before the holiday party.

It will be fun to see what crazy gifts people will buy for colleagues they do not even know that well. Plus, it is the holidays, so gifts are a must.

4. Quality entertainment

What’s a successful party without some quality entertainment? You can do a survey beforehand to see what type of entertainment your colleagues prefer. It is also best to bring someone that will please most of them.

For entertainment, you have so many options. You can hire a magician (everyone loves a good magician), a comedian, an artist-performer, a motivational speaker (who can add a touch of humor in their act) or even a star who was on America’s Got Talent.

The choices are endless here. You’ll just have to find the best type of entertainment for your colleagues.

Throw an unforgettable holiday office party

How to book the Best Holiday Office Party Ideas The holiday season is the time of most office parties, but it is never too early to think of the best office party ideas. The next opportunity to throw down dressed in business casual. Of course, many office parties are less “throw down” and more “turn down,” with the same ho-hum get-together celebrated in the confines of cubicles and computers. If you are organizing a party for your office or part of the heralded “Party Planning Committee,” – one of the best holiday party ideas is booking a live entertainer. A comedian that can make your coworkers laugh as loud as ‘The Office’ did is a fresh approach that can please the whole party rather than just a subset who might enjoy a particular activity like karaoke singing or ice skating, or what have you.

These are just a few of the best office holiday party ideas to consider.

Do you need the Best Holiday Office Party Ideas?

Adam Trent is a young acclaimed illusionist in the mold of icon David Copperfield. His motto is to entertain first and “trick” second – cue the Gob Bluth joke – as he wants his audience to share memories of laughter and imagination rather than simply a trick that fooled them for a time.

Taylor Mason is a comedian, ventriloquist, and musician, combining all of these skills to form a one-man variety show. His talent has led him to work with not only dozens of comedy clubs, corporate conferences, and private appearances but also extensive work for The Disney Cruise Line.

Ron Pearson is a nationally renowned stand-up comedian who has worked and opened for such superstars as Drew Carey, Bob Newhart, and Ellen Degeneres. He is a regular at comedy clubs such as The Improv, Comedy, and Magic Club, and The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, the L.A. Times remarking on his performance: “I clapped so hard, my hands ached.”

You might recognize the Sand Artist Joe Castillo from the hit television series America’s Got Talent, where he was a finalist. This unique talent is the ability to tell stories with his hands in the sand. It is called sand art and his unbelievable ability to weave these “Sand Stories” has made him known worldwide, having performed in front of captivated audiences across seven continents.

Since he was a youngster, Mr. Streblow had a reputation as an observational comedian through his peers never laughed at his jokes. His dry, offbeat style always appealed to the adults who could appreciate his unique clean humor. Now, his peers are adults who he consistently makes laugh from the gut in comedy clubs and corporate events across the country.

Comedians, musicians, and illusionists; are among the best holiday party ideas, able to not only entertain every coworker but also to leave them with something to talk about them until the next party. If you are looking for an entertainer for your next company event, then we can help you book the best holiday party entertainment.

Think about this holiday office party as your last assignment.

If you’ve already checked the essentials I mentioned above but not the entertainment part, then browse our entertainer’s list. We have plenty of speakers ready to make your event memorable.

If you have any questions about hiring them, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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