How to Have a Virtual Holiday Party for Your Annual Celebration

How to Have a Virtual Holiday Party Annual Celebration

Written by Tim Grable

November 13, 2020

Due to the onset of the COVID pandemic, social distancing has become the norm. Because of this, there’s a chance that your usual Christmas get together won’t be possible this year.  Many organizations are researching how to have a virtual Holiday Party for their annual celebration.

Do not be discouraged by this, as a virtual event can be equally entertaining since there are many things you can do to engage the attendants.  And in this following article, we will showcase a few ideas which you can try to make a hybrid/virtual party go beyond the attendants’ imagination.

Santa Christmas

1. Zoom Secret Santa

Christmas parties aren’t quite the same if Santa isn’t involved. Even if the party is virtual, with the help of today’s technology, there’s no way Santa can miss it.

For this kind of idea, you could have your employees draw a colleague’s name to whom they have to give a gift.

All the gifts will then be gathered into one place and showcased through a video conference on Zoom.

You can hire a professional performer to host your annual celebration and impersonate Santa, who would call out someone’s name and reveal their surprise gift.

virtual bingo

2. Games Night

Games are now more popular than ever, and they’re easy to get into. When planning how to have a virtual Holiday Party, one of the best ideas is to bring everyone from the team together to a gaming night.

Find what kind of games your team is into – board games, video games, or party games and then set up the logistics to host the entire party.

During a virtual game night, participants would gather in a virtual lobby and engage in the games that you’ve prepared for them.

We could suggest trying out a game show, where participants get to showcase their talents.

You can tie in the theme of Christmas to make the night feel more festive by having the participants sing carols, dress as whimsical characters, or impersonate Santa.

How to Have a Virtual Holiday Party Annual Celebration

3. Eggnog Bingo

Many people have formed their virtual groups to hang out and have virtual happy hours.

This is an idea you can expand on for your annual celebration when planning how to have a virtual Holiday Party.

You can send out a set of snacks and a bottle of eggnog to team members. Then over a video conference, you can engage in a game of bingo over a glass of eggnog.

If you want to take it to the next level, then you can hire a professional mixologist who would showcase different beverages and cocktails to your guests.

Your guests could procure the ingredients, and the mixologist would show them how to prepare an extraordinary eggnog recipe.

4. Christmas Classics Cinema

Due to social distancing restrictions, it’s impossible to have many people in one room to simulate a cinema’s feelings.

However, the next best thing is to have a video stream, where people can watch it in whatever setting they please on their home screens.

There are many classic Christmas movies you can choose from, and it’ll be a total blast to watch them together with the team.

How to have a Virtual Holiday Party to Remember for your Annual Celebration

If you want this year’s Christmas party to be remembered, then you’ll have to bring something new to the table.

We hope that this article has given you more confidence to try out the idea of organizing a hybrid/virtual party without fearing that it will not be as engaging for your employees.

If you’re interested in finding performers who are well suited for virtual environments, then we can gladly assist you.

At The Grable Group, we have a wide variety of virtual performers, ranging from speakers, comedians, magicians, and musicians – whose content is tailor-made for virtual events.

Be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and let us show you how to have a Virtual Holiday Party.

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