How to Overcome People-Related Challenges to Improve Productivity

Liz Berney

Written by Tim Grable

August 25, 2018


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It’s no secret employees who interact well with one another and get along work better as a team. Therefore, they are more productive, which only has positive effects on the business which employs them.

So, if you want to improve productivity at your company, a great starting point is addressing the people-related challenges impacting your organization. The tips we’ve included in this article come straight from the mouths of experts in this field, so keep on reading.

How to Overcome People-Related Challenges to Improve Productivity

It All Starts with Good Communication

Good communication lays the foundation for a healthy work environment and leads to good cooperation among employees.

Communication speaker and author Sarita Maybin studied how communication etiquette influences the way employees interact with one another and included her findings into an insightful presentation called “Communicating for Success.”

The presentation goes into detail about the critical components of effective communication, including:

  • giving feedback in a constructive manner
  • responding to negative feedback without getting defensive
  • expressing ideas and opinions in a transparent way
  • overcoming barriers to listening
  • body language.

You can get a better grasp of Sarita’s presentation style and expertise by watching the video

Sarita Maybin Motivational Speaker Sizzle Reel

Learn the Basis of Dealing with Strong Beliefs and High Emotions

In any office, there will be times when co-workers will vehemently disagree with one another and try to impose the ideas they passionately believe in. These types of circumstances are usually emotionally-charged, so people tend to take things very personally.

It doesn’t take much for the situation to escalate and turn into dispute, in which case, the productivity level will significantly go down.

Therefore, it’s crucial people working at any company have the tools they need to be able to de-escalate angry or emotional peers, superiors or subordinates as soon as possible.

Doug Noll is a speaker and professional mediator who has made a career out of helping others defuse difficult conflicts as soon as they arise to improve productivity.

Doug Noll

During one of his popular presentations, Doug teaches a 90-seconds or less method for dealing with an angry or emotional colleague in a professional, solution-focused way.

You can learn more about the value he provides to his audiences here.

Employ a Win-Win Negotiation Style to Improve Productivity

Conflict rears its head all the time in the workplace. However, conflict doesn’t necessarily have to lead to an adverse outcome. When managed right, conflict can enrich co-workers relationships.

So, instead of fearing difficulties or avoiding confrontations at all costs, it’s best to learn how to manage them in a balanced way through creative problem-solving.

One such example is the win-win negotiation style taught by speaker Liz Berney, an authority on the topic of negotiation.

Liz Berney

The win-win tactic is focused on conflict resolution, while also strengthening relationships.

Here are a few aspects incorporated in this strategy:

  • getting to know the interests of everyone involved in the negotiation
  • laying down all the available options to reach the best solution which pleases all parties
  • developing the best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

This method can be used to successfully handle a wide array of situations, from negotiating a raise to working out a problem with a colleague to improve productivity.


Creating top performing teams which surpass their targets is all about understanding the problems and challenges they may be experiencing on a day-to-day basis. Now you know more about how to tackle some of those challenges head-on.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So in case you want to deepen your knowledge on the topic and also give your employees the tools they need to do their best work, consider booking an expert speaker like the ones mentioned in this article.

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