How to Pick Corporate Party Entertainment for Your Event (2020 edition)

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Written by Tim Grable

January 17, 2018

Life as a corporate employee is both enjoyable and stressful. Which is why, to a company owner, throwing a party is a wise use of money.

Executives care about the outcome of their staff-oriented festivities, so event planning agencies know how to pick corporate party entertainment.

Company parties are an excellent opportunity to boost morale and company connectivity. Employees should leave these events feeling energized, motivated, and more connected to the company’s core values and goals.

However, a poor choice of corporate event entertainment can make attendees feel the opposite of that, so this is an aspect which deserves to be carefully thought of.  How do you make sure you live up to this task and deliver the best services for a memorable night?

In this article, we have put together a list of essential tips you should consider when choosing entertainment for a party. So let’s dive right in!

  How to Pick Corporate Party Entertainment for Your Event (2020 edition)

How to Pick Corporate Party Entertainment That is in Line with The Purpose of The Event

Sure, a corporate gathering should be exciting – a meeting that guests will have fun attending. However, the expense of putting together such an event should be sustained by the fulfillment of objectives related to the organizational culture.

So it should be about more than just having a good time. Think about what is the end goal of the company party. Here are a few typical examples:

  • Showcase achievements and reward deserving employees.
  • Communicate aspects and values of the corporate culture. In this case, a business speaker like Nathan Jamail who has decades of experience on how to build winning cultures could be an excellent pick.
  • Inspire and motivate employees. If this is the primary purpose of your event, booking a professional motivational speaker is the obvious choice.
  • Build more connected teams. 
  • Networking and showing off company new services or products.

Your job as the one in charge of picking the entertainment is to know what the wider scope of the event is, and make sure the featured act will support it.

1. Be Mindful of Attendees’ Particularities

This is a no-brainer: you want guests to be able to enjoy the entertainment being provided. Moreover, one of the ways to ensure this will happen is to know exactly how large of a crowd is expected to attend.

Having this information will help you choose the right corporate party entertainment. That is because different acts accommodate different sizes of crowds. Some are right for small places and a few faces, some are not.

For instance, if your event is for a rather small group, an entertainment concept like an evening of Bourbon, Magic, and Dinner where the performer closely interacts with every one of your guests could work brilliantly.

For larger parties, you may want a bold, high-energy act featuring multiple performers to capture everyone’s attention instantly.

balance, dance, circ

Another essential question you need to address before booking entertainment for the occasion is this: will it be an employees-only type of party or an event where they can bring their children as well?

Kids being there will have a great influence on the development of the event and should result in picking a specific type of corporate party entertainment; namely, 100% clean, family-fun entertainment. In this context, a few of our top suggestions are these:

2. The Venue Should Play A Part in Your Decision as Well

What’s your vision for the event? Do you want guests to sit down and network? Are you planning to give them a chance to loosen up on the dance floor?

Whether it is a sit-down or a move-around event will ultimately influence the dynamic of the party – and thus your choice of entertainment.

For instance, if the venue you have in mind for the event has a dance floor, you may want to go with a live musical act or a DJ to create the right mood and get people up from their seats.

For a sit-down event, a speaker will most probably be the most inspired choice.

3. Pick Out a Fitting Corporate Party Entertainment Option

Black tie gala dinner? Sounds pretty manageable, but pick out the wrong music and you may falter.

Planning a Holiday Party? You will want to avoid dull speeches or an uninspired entertainer.

In both cases, the success of your event relies on careful research. Not only do you need to pick the right host, but you also have to book them well in advance. The good ones are always busy. By the way, this is a good indicator of their entertainment prowess.

Earlier, we were talking about risky choices. However, being too cautious isn’t the path to follow, either.

It could lead to too much predictability, and you want to avoid that, if possible. So you can search for an act that has just the right amount of oomph while also being balanced.

An embodiment of this concept could be Tenors Undercover whose skill is displayed here:

4. Keep Up with Entertainment Trends

If you are not already doing that, you should know that being up-to-date is not so hard.

What we mean is, social media is not just an environment for personal interactions. It is a whole research platform where you can carry your market study.

Allocate time to see what’s trending in the corporate event world.

Look up:

  • What events and conferences thought leaders attend.
  • What are the locations they take photos in?
  • What hashtags they use and what ideas excite them.

These are just a few strategic uses of your social media accounts.

How to Pick Corporate Party Entertainment?  You can also study what big companies are doing with their corporate entertainment choices.

They most likely post entire albums, reports or even live coverage.

Also, take note that the entertainment medium is increasingly striving towards interaction-oriented events.

When you live in a world where “share” is an omnipresent jingle, it is no wonder why traditional approaches are being revisited.

A telling example is the cocktail party. Why go for the popular recipe when you can throw in a cocktail workshop or wine tasting? The participants will sure appreciate the fact that you provide the opportunity to learn new skills or take on new hobbies.

5. “Before” and “After” Are Just as Important as “Now.”

While organizing a corporate event, the easiest thing is to focus solely on the day of the event.

When in fact, the promotion efforts preceding and following the party are just as critical. Yes, the company party is addressed to your employees mainly. Moreover, yes, it will require the most of your resources.

However, that does not mean you cannot design smart tactics so as to make the most out of your party entertainment. More exactly, you can boost the buzz surrounding the planned event by entertaining participants before and after it happens.

The Corporate Party Entertainment Guide for an Unforgettable Time

You can do that by choosing a “mystery” approach and enticing guests to look for clues and make up stories. Alternatively, you can offer free coupons, packages or concert tickets as a thank you sign.

A Stand-up Comedian Is the Perfect Fit for a Corporate Party

When organizing a party, your primary focus should always be on the entertainment factor. Also, the easiest way to guarantee quality entertainment for your audience is by hiring a professional performer.

Specifically, a stand-up comedian is among the best choices you could make. Why?

This article will give you several reasons why a stand-up comedian and a corporate event is a match made in heaven, so keep on reading.

A Stand-up Comedian Can Keep the Spirits up…

People hope to have a lot of fun at a party. As the one in charge of organizing the event, this serves as an opportunity to give the audience what they desire – and that’s barrels of laughter.

How will you manage to lighten up the mood?

By hiring a comedian, you guarantee people will have a performance to look forward to. So they can just lay back and enjoy the show.

And no one can do the job better than Bob Stromberg. He has many years of on-stage experience and knows how to handle an audience.

Bob delivers light, clean and immensely funny performances in one package which fits any corporate party like a glove. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to book him for your event.

A Stand-up Comedian Is the Perfect Fit for a Corporate Party

While Putting on a Memorable Performance…

As an organizer, it’s a good practice to make sure the attendants leave with plenty of good memories.

And everyone remembers the time they had a good laugh, right? This works wonders for your event, and you will ensure people will look forward to attending future events, as well.

Jeff Allen is one of the best comedians for this job. He is an established entertainer, with numerous years of experience under his belt.

His outstanding professionalism has gotten him to be named “The world’s funniest, most inspiring comedian!”. A fact which stands as a testament to how much he managed to impress the public he has performed for.

Jeff is well acquainted with the comedy scene and will prove to be a great addition to your corporate party!

… and Educates the Audience

While fun is an absolute must during a party, that doesn’t mean the entertainment can’t include an educational component, as well.

A comedian who is both funny and insightful will leave a lasting impression on the audience. People will listen with both ears, one for the funny lines and the other for the valuable information.

Rik Roberts is one of the comedians who has mastered this type of performance. His act is a 100% clean comedy which will both entertain and educate the audience.

His stand-up routines are stories driven from real life experiences in the corporate world, to which he adds a flavorful and upbeat comedic tone.

With Rik, even when telling a joke, there is always something to be learned.

How to Pick Corporate Party Entertainment? You are One Step Closer!

Without a doubt, the comedians who were featured in this article will add much value to your event. If you are in search of the best corporate event entertainment picks, we would like to let you know our list of speakers is steadily growing. Have a look, book and get ready to hook your attendees in.

As you can see, there are several aspects that go into picking entertainment for a corporate party. However, if you take the above into account when doing your research, you will most likely choose the best one for your event.

If you want to work with them and book their services, then do not hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039. We’ll happily assist!

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