How to Plan the Ultimate Company Private Party

Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017

company private party provides the perfect setting to allow employees to socialize and build a stronger communication network. The most efficient teams are the ones whose members trust one and the other and feel comfortable working with each other.

A party allows employees to unwind, connect with their colleagues on a more personal level, and just have some well-deserved fun. However, a company party is still a business affair, so the planning process should comply with the norms of a corporate setting. Here comes the tricky part.

How to Plan the Ultimate Company Private Party

How can you plan a party that is work-appropriate, but not boring and unimaginative? To help you answer that question, we’ve put together a list of tips you can use in the planning process. Let’s get to it!

Be clear about the goal of the event

Before you start making any decisions regarding the company private party, you need to know exactly what the purpose of the event is. Since it is a party, the goal might seem pretty straightforward: To have a splendid time.

Well, you might want to dig a little bit deeper if you want the party to be in sync with the company’s goals and demands. Is the event meant to reward all employees for a job well-done? Is the idea to recognize someone’s merits in particular?

Depending on the specific goals of your event, you will have to make different plans. For instance, if the goal is to recognize a team or department for a significant achievement, then you’ll most likely have to focus more on those employees so that others will feel motivated to follow their example.

Take the company culture into account

Even though a party concept might have worked great for another company, it does not mean it will do the same for you. The company culture should play an essential role in the planning process. Here’s an example.

If your culture is more conservative, choosing a dance club as a venue and asking employees to dress up like their favorite movie characters are probably not the best choice.

If you are not sure about this aspect, asking employees for ideas is always a good way to get a better sense of their preferences and expectations.

Hire quality entertainment to spice up the company private party

No company private party is complete without special entertainment, but it needs to be a good fit. It also needs to be tastefully done and appropriate for a business setting. Again, that certainly doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

What kind of entertainment fits all of those requirements? Well, you cannot go wrong with a comedy-magician like Jeff Hobson. He is one of the most in-demand comedy magicians working today, and his ability to blend magic with comedy can please any audience.

The truth is that comedy is an essential ingredient to any successful party, but make sure you hire a professional clean comedian like Brad Trackman, so there will be no risk of anybody getting offended. If you would like to know more about how to book the best clean comedian, check out this article.

Heading out?

We hope that these pointers are going to help you plan a memorable work party that will go in the company’s records as one of the best parties ever. You know, the kind of party that everybody will be talking about by the coffee machine next morning.

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