Simple Outreach Ideas for the Best Women’s Ministry Events

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Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

Simple Outreach Ideas for the Best Women's Ministry Events

Women’s Ministry Events are often thought of as a service to the church and an outreach to the community. Women usually don’t hesitate to help with meals for a family in need or planning potlucks for the congregation. Yet, when it comes time for fellowship with their sisters-in-Christ, many hesitate to join in. Some common themes for women’s ministry events, such as the Mothers’ Day Tea and Christmas Brunch are well-attended, but outreach events often tends to die down during the rest of the year. So, when planning events for women, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box.

Ideas for Women’s Ministry Events

Try organizing a game night. The popular dice game, Bunco, is great way for ladies of all ages to meet and mingle in a fun,relaxed atmosphere. Because the players must constantly rotate, there is plenty of time to interact with one another. In fact, because the game is so simple, you will hear lots of chatter and laughter the entire time. This is a beautiful opportunity to involve some of the newer women in the congregation who may be hesitant about joining a formal group if they do not know many people yet. You may want to have the group leaders stand up at the beginning of the game, introduce themselves, and invite participants to attend the next meeting. It is also the perfect way to promote outreach by encouraging people to bring an unchurched friend.

Everyone loves pampering, and many women never receive any, so consider planning a mini spa day. Try contacting a local nail salon and see if they will offer a group rate for a certain number of people. Also, encourage the women to choose either a manicure or pedicure to save time. With everyone in a relaxed mood, arrange to meet afterwards at a casual restaurant for a bite to eat. This is another activity that is perfect for women of all ages.

Coffeehouses are a favorite gathering spot these days and there usually several of them within a small area. Consider getting some women together to meet at different places weekly, or whatever frequency works best for your group. Most coffee places offer snacks and a variety of drinks now, so there is something for everyone to choose from. You can use this setting to have an unstructured type of Bible study or prayer group. This may be the perfect atmosphere for people who cannot commit to a planned study but still want to be active in a church. Also, because many coffee houses have early morning and late hours, both working and non-working will have a chance to attend.

These are just some ideas to revitalize the women’s ministry at your church. Why not book Women’s Ministry Events as a way to promote the new season of activities? Having a motivational speaker promote fun, faith and fellowship will inspire the women of your congregation to become involved in a way they have not been before. It is also an excellent way to reach out to unchurched women of the community. After the event is over, begin promoting your church’s activities. Above all, pray for God’s guidance in leading your women’s ministry events.

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