6 International Performances that Will Blow Your Mind

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Written by Tim Grable

May 24, 2019

Entertainment is a powerful force; no doubt about it. It can attain our attention in a matter of minutes and give our busy minds a much-needed window to relax.

It’s one of the best stress relievers we have at our disposal, but not all entertainment is created equal. So in this article, we wanted to include three amazing international performances which can turn any event into a memorable experience.

3 International Performances that Will Blow Your Mind

1. Eclipse, leading acrobatic and dance-based performance group

Acrobatics is the art of combining human balance, agility and motor coordination to create a magnificent show that can captive any audience’s interest.

If you have an upcoming company party, private party, themed event, award ceremony, or any other special event, then you need to offer your guests something unique when it comes to entertainment.

Acrobatic acts are a suitable choice in this case because you can use them for the opening of the event, as part of the program, or as the big closing of the night.

The group members blend mind-blowing motion graphics, carefully-chosen music and intricate movements of the human body to create synergy on stage.  This acrobatic and dance-based performance group knows how to provide a uniquely entertaining experience all around the world

Eclipse uses a large screen that will eventually come to life thanks to the group’s beautiful silhouette imagery of words and shapes that they create with their bodies.

Your audience will sit back and enjoy their magical show where technology and acrobatic performers come together to shape a one-of-a-kind art form.

2. Diavolo, finalist from America’s Got Talent

Diavolo is an acrobatic dance-group act that performed on America’s Got Talent season 12 where they finished in the top 10.

You can see in the video below one of their fantastic performances from the show.

This acrobatic dance group combines modern dance movements with oversized architectural structures. The structures serve as a backdrop while the dancers’ dramatic movements represent metaphors for humanity’s everyday struggles.

The artistic director along with the dancers, designers, choreographers, and engineers work together to provide an inspiring show.

This acrobatic acts require incredible balance, immense strength, and amazing agility, so you will leave your guests impressed with this choice of entertainment. Diavolo’s acrobatic acts are carefully designed to capture the audience’s interest by telling a story through dynamic movement and individual expression.

3. Alter Ego, 95 Dazzling costume changes

Whether you want to entertain your guests with a sit-down show or a crazy night of dancing, Alter Ego is the answer.

The band’s ten members are incredibly entertaining because they use no more and no less than 95 dazzling costume changes throughout their performance. Their song list features hits from the 70’s Disco, 80’s Rock, 90’s Pop, and even the Top 40 of today.

When Alter Ego enters the stage, you know that the party has started. The group’s performance will immensely entertain Even those that decide not to dance.

Those who decide to join the dance floor will not be disappointed either, as the group members know how to interact with the audience and keep them on the dance floor.

Their incredible energy will elevate everyone’s mood, so they are a great option for special events.

4. Stevie Starr, the Professional Regurgitator 

Some in the audience cover their eyes, others are left in utter disbelief, a handful of them scream – but all are genuinely entertained watching Stevie Starr, the Professional Regurgitator, perform.

A one of a kind phenomenon in the world of showbiz, Stevie made a career out of swallowing a variety of items (from razors to lightbulbs) and then bringing them up again – dry and clean, and most impressively, to order!

You have to see his baffling, astonishing acts to get a full sense of just how far he takes things on stage. So, watch the video below from AGT Champions to see him in action.

5. High-Energy Comedy and Magic by Eric Buss

You may remember Eric Buss from America’s Got Talent, Showtime at Apollo or the “The Late Show” with David Letterman.

He’s also well-known in the world of corporate events, as his innovative comedic magic show is perfect for relieving tension and making guests laugh out loud.

Plus, with his international performances, he’s managed to gain worldwide recognition as one of the most creative and most charming entertainers you can book nowadays.

Check him out in the video below and make sure to also pay attention to the way the audience reacts to his acts.  It speaks volumes about Eric’s ability to keep guests engaged throughout his performance.

6. Justin Flom’s Unbelievable Magic

Justin Flom is a star magician, having presented his act on shows such as Late Late Show,” WWE weekly telecast, NBC’s “Today Show,” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

Plus, Justin made quite an impression on stage at The World’s Best, a show watched by millions of people from all over the world which features the best international performances.

On the show, he kept everyone on the edge of their seats with his never before seen magic tricks which will make you wonder How in the world did he manage to pull this off? 

However, don’t just take our word for it! In the video below, you can watch magician Justin Flom leave everyone in disbelief as he performs a must-see it to believe it kind of act on stage at The World’s Best.

This clip gained over 11 million views in little over a month, so this is undoubtedly a performance worth watching!

Bring These International Performances on Stage at Your Next Event

If you want to provide incredible entertainment at your next event, then you can’t go wrong by booking one of the acts we’ve included in this article.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can book the performers mentioned and take the first step towards creating a memorable experience for your guests. We’re excited to work with you and help you book high-quality entertainment for your next event.

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