Joe Castillo – Do Your Company Event Ideas Include Storytelling?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017

Tired of forgettable company event ideas that people don’t even talk about the next day? It might be that you’re not reaching out to your audience.

But how do you capture their attention and make them wide-eyed with wonderment? By telling a story, of course! Everyone loves them. It’s scientifically proven.

Will any old tale do? Not exactly, but it’s a start. If you’re not already convinced, sit down and listen to the story of Joe Castillo.

Who Is Joe Castillo?

As a teenager, Joe was very passionate about spinning tales. He has always looked for ways to combine storytelling with other art forms.

He delights in meeting new people on his travels around the country. Every moment is precious to him, even in the company of strangers.

As he puts it, it is easy to forget about the people that surround us day by day – to forget about their stories.

We’re always on the run, hurrying somewhere. “Sand running through an hourglass means you’re running out of time,” Castillo says.

He was most fascinated by the powerful messages he could transmit through SandStory. He illustrates the transience of time and other abstract concepts that can’t be conveyed in words.

Why Do Company Event Ideas Need Storytelling?

We mentioned before that it’s scientifically proven that people love stories. Nowadays, everyone has a shorter attention span due to the amount of information with which we are bombarded – such as smartphones and the Internet.

But stories naturally seize our attention and never let it go. This is good, in essence, because the human mind always wanders someplace else.

You’ve felt it yourself when you were daydreaming in class about not being in class. Daydreams are just stories we create for ourselves. They have the uncanny talent to guide our thinking and modify our behavior.

Joe Castillo - Do Your Company Event Ideas Include Storytelling?

If you include storytelling on your list of company event ideas, you could have the upper hand in business.

Let’s say you want to capture your audience’s attention about your newest product. Simply telling people how revolutionary your invention is won’t solve much.

If anything, they would block it out because people don’t like an in-your-face advertisement.

With stories, it’s very much different. Here is a video Castillo did about the Denver Botanic Gardens. Doesn’t this make you just want to visit it now?

Anything Else I Should Know about Castillo?

Besides being an amazing sand artist, he is also a talented keynote speaker. The best part is that he’s fluent in both English and Spanish, so he can reach a really wide public.

But really, his SandStory techniques need no explanation. His illustrations come in a language understood by all – the one of feeling.

He has a broad range of topics you can include in your company event ideas. The following four come to mind, which can be useful as part of your business strategy:

  1. Seven principles of innovation
  2. Four deep wells of motivational energy
  3. The infallible key to recovering from failure
  4. Three steps to renew your image

Of course, they come accompanied by his famous illustrations.

Whether you’d like to move your audience to tears or inspire them to glory, Joe Castillo has the recipe for success.

Give us a call today and we can help you book him for your next event.

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