Turn Your Live Events Into A Unique Experience With These 4 Tips

Written by Tim Grable

May 15, 2021

Live events are making a comeback. This is great news for audiences, performers, and the industry as a whole – as it means that once again, entertainment can be enjoyed in person.

If you are among those looking to organize an upcoming live event, then we are glad to provide you with 4 tips on how to make it more distinct and stand out.

1. Give Your Event an Identity

Company events often follow a similar pattern, and it usually is not something to tell stories about. However, when you feel like your event might be falling into the same trappings, you could opt to try something different.

We can suggest adopting a different kind of theme or format for your live events. For example, you could go the TV show route and have your event imitate the same visceral experience as seen on popular American TV shows.

One program that we can recommend is America’s Got Magic. It is a customizable event format that aims to recreate the same unique experience from the critically acclaimed shows – America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller’s: Fool Us.

This event format features appearances from popular magicians – as seen on both TV shows. In addition, the audience will get to relive some of the most iconic performances, and they will be right there to appreciate them firsthand.

2. Tech Showcase with a Twist 

It is safe to say that technology has always filled us with astonishment. However, in this day and age, technology has reached the limits of what we thought possible, and people are more excited than ever to see what the future holds.

As a result, tech showcases and public unveilings have become quite popular. As a result, they are highly anticipated and become hot topics on message boards.

Live Events Into A Unique Experience

If you are organizing such an event yourself, then we can suggest giving it an exciting twist. For example, instead of having a general presentation, you could get an artist or a personality to do the talk and the unveiling.

For this kind of situation, we recommend working with Digital Deception. They are a magician duo that combines technology and skillful magic – due to this combination of skills, they are most qualified to do a tech unveiling and perform for your event.

3. Create a Unique Experience with Comedy Magic

We believe that entertainment plays a vital role in how an event will pan out. People in the audience will be very enthusiastic about the prospect of attending an event that promises them a good time.

Besides that, entertainment is also vital in establishing your guests’ overall impression of the event. As a result, they will be more likely to positively review your event and be willing to participate in possible future activities.

For your event, we can recommend you to book comedy magician Adam Trent. He is a Broadway and TV star that doubles both as a skillful magician and a well-versed comic.

He is keen on creating a unique experience by making your audiences laugh through a series of interactive magic tricks and a witty sense of humor that will impress the audience.

4. Get Everyone Involved

Audience interaction is quintessential in making your live events feel inclusive. You want your audience to think that they are all welcome, and the best way to achieve this is by having activities that give people the chance to participate.

There are many ways to achieve this, either by organizing interactive games with the audience, having them step up as volunteers for a comedy show, or getting everyone to dance to the music.

The sky is the limit in terms of possibilities, but the unique approach to this that we recommend is to offer your audience the pleasure of taking part in a mentalism act.

By how it is performed, a mentalism act can get a large number of people to join in on the fun. Take, for example, a mind-reading trick, where people can offer their input.

Colin Cloud is a mentalist that we recommend for events with a large audience eager to participate. He is dubbed the cyber-mentalist due to his ability to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world.

With him on stage, your audience will embark on a wonderful journey that will leave them questioning the possibilities of magic and technology.

Make Your Live Events Stand Out

We hope that the suggestions we have featured in this article have inspired you to try new things for your upcoming events. Remember that entertainment is paramount in taking your event a step beyond and that you should not overlook its potential.

If you are determined to give it a shot and create a unique experience, then we welcome a phone call at +1 615 283 0039 with your inquiry about our wide selection of entertainers and performers!

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