7 Major Mistakes You Need to Avoid when Booking Corporate Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

June 10, 2018

This is an excellent time of the year to organize corporate events for your employees and partners. However, for everything to go off without a hitch, you must steer clear of making certain corporate entertainment mistakes.

Of course, that is easier said than done, especially if you’ve never organized corporate events in the summer before. Knowing every step, you need to take is not exactly a walk in the park.

Corporate events can be organized for various reasons, but regardless of their type and purpose, all of them share a common goal: to make the guests feel as good as possible.

How can companies achieve this?

By booking corporate entertainment professionals.

The participants will look forward to your corporate event, and if it’s organized properly, they can definitely help businesses by strengthening the relationship with customers, partners, employees or other stakeholders.

The key to a successful event is making sure you’re going to provide a fun and unforgettable experience for your guests.

The attendees need to feel relaxed and comfortable.

That’s why it’s important to focus your attention in the planning process on aspects which will genuinely make a difference in the event’s atmosphere.

3 Major Mistakes You Need to Avoid when Booking Corporate Entertainment

Here are three common mistakes you need to avoid when booking corporate entertainment your audience will love.

1. Start Looking for Entertainment Too Late

When’s the best time to start looking for corporate entertainment? As soon as you have the demographic profile of the people who are going to attend your event.

Booking well in advance means you’ll have many options to choose from. Postponing it until the last minute will only lead to remaining with a few entertainment options which might not match your audience’s interests.

If you want to have a chance at booking quality corporate entertainment, then you should make it a priority within the first few weeks of the planning process.

2. Dismiss What Your Guests Would like

A common mistake made in the corporate event planning area is the fact the planner will often book an entertainer who appeals to them and not to the audience.

The demographics are critical to the event’s success, which is why, as we’ve already mentioned above, as soon as you know whom you’re going to invite, you can start the research.

When it comes to demographics, you should take into consideration their age, gender, background, and interests.

By booking corporate entertainment which will not interest your audience, the attendees can end up sitting at the table and talking to each other (unless it’s a networking event – then this is a good thing) or worse, getting up and leave the event.

3. Not Spending Time Thinking about the Impact of the Entertainment

Way too many business owners and event planners are in a rush when it comes to choosing the entertainment. The problem is that people can tell when you just booked entertainment for the sake of it.

Huge Corporate Entertainment Mistakes You Must Avoid This SummerThat is because the performance will feel forced and stale, resulting in guests getting bored or annoyed. Moreover, when that happens, it is only a matter of time until they start leaving.

You have to think how the entertainment will play out during the event, and how it will impact everyone. For instance, if you are planning a networking event, you should not book a band. It does not matter how good the music is; people will be annoyed because they will not be able to focus on networking.

4. Ignoring the Demographics of Your Guests

Out of all the corporate entertainment mistakes, one can make, CEOs tend to make this one the most. They just pick entertainment they like and figure the rest of the guests will enjoy it as well.

Well, you cannot do that. If you ignore your guests’ demographics and tastes, your event will be a failure.

seats, hall, venue, buildingPlus, it will give your employees and partners the impression that you could not be bothered to think about them at all.

Let’s take a random corporate event theme as an example. Say you want to thank your employees for their hard work and creativity, while also emphasizing how unique their skills are. In this case, someone like Heidi Schwartz or Joe Castillo would be a better choice than a stand-up comedian.

5. Set a Realistic Budget

Budgeting is a critical part of the event planning process. You want to make sure you can estimate as accurately as possible how much money you can allocate for the entertainment.

If you have no idea how much you should pay for quality entertainment, then you should research to see the prices which are set for the type of entertainment you would want to hire.

Quality corporate entertainment usually comes at a cost, so you shouldn’t be surprised if the budget if you do not properly research all of the cost in advance.

6. Not Working with a Professional Entertainment Agency

Many business owners often make the mistake of believing that they can handle the whole planning process on their own. While they might have some useful experience and knowledge, they usually lack one vital resource: Time.

clock, time, watchIf this seems familiar to you, we completely understand. Also, let’s not forget that summer is typically a season that is always booked beyond belief.

Working with a reputable entertainment booking agency could help you overcome all those issues. While you focus on your business, we will concentrate on putting together an excellent corporate event for you and your guests.

7. Not Booking Corporate Entertainment for Your Next Event

entertainment, mic, lights

By using the right amount of research, planning, and knowledge of guest expectations, you’ll be on your way of organizing a successful corporate event. 

Want to Know More about Corporate Entertainment Mistakes?

We here at The Grable Group can offer you all the assistance you need. Just be sure to get in touch with us so that you can get all the information you need as soon as possible.

Remember to also browse our list of corporate entertainment choices in case you weren’t convinced by the ones we already offered.  We retain a select group of comedians, entertainers, and unique variety acts so our clients can choose only from the best in the industry.

That being said, if you need help finding the best corporate entertainment for your event, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039.

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