5 Effective Ways to Make Virtual Events More Engaging

Make Virtual Events More Engaging

Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2021

Recent studies found that 31% of event professionals consider engagement to be their biggest challenge when pivoting to virtual events.

It makes sense. It’s challenging enough to get people to engage with your event in person. Shift the experience to virtual, and suddenly, you are competing with tabs of distractions. Social media pages, pending work tasks, crowded inboxes are all just one click away.

However, it is possible to keep an online audience engaged. But it is going to take some extra effort.  To help with that, we’ve compelled a list of five ways to make virtual events more engaging that works. Let’s dive right in!

1. Open with an Ice Breaker

When it comes to online events, the lack of in-person interaction makes it more challenging to create a communal, collaborating atmosphere.

One way to jumpstart communication and cut through that initial awkwardness is to open your event with a fun ice breaker. 

This will help set the stage for increased audience participation, as it will make attendees feel more at ease speaking and interacting with each other.

Furthermore, from virtual magic acts to music, dance performances, and ventriloquism shows, there are many entertainment options you can leverage to smooth the path towards an engaging event.

2. Feature Exciting Content Delivered by a Passionate Speaker

One of the best ways to ensure that guests stay connected and fully engaged throughout your event is to have exciting content delivered by a compelling keynote speaker.

A live talk presented by a top speaker with excellent command of the topic will help draw your remote audience’s attention while also elevating the perceived value of your event.

Depending on the theme and the objectives of your event, you can choose a keynote speaker whose area of expertise and presentation style will best suit your event.

Start browsing our portfolio of best-in-class virtual speakers to find the perfect fit for your next meeting.

3. Use Gamification Tactics

Gamification involves taking inspiration from elements typically found in games and applying them in a different context.

Here are a few examples of gamification techniques that you can apply to make virtual events more engaging:

  • Trivia,
  • Quizzes,
  • Puzzles.

If you decide to include these types of interactive games, consider offering prizes to encourage audience participation.

4. Incorporate Exercise into Your Event

Even a few simple warm-up exercises done together can be very effective in terms of energizing remote attendees and getting them comfortable with interaction.

However, you can always take things to the next level with a virtual dance party.

Hosting a quick dance party is a great way to break through sluggishness. Furthermore, it also acts as an instant mood booster.

Curious to see how this idea looks like in action? Check out the video below.

5. Make Virtual Events More Engaging with Humor

Humor can not only instantly lift spirits and lighten up the mood, but it also acts as social glue – bringing people together and making them feel more comfortable around each other.

What does that have to do with increasing engagement at virtual meetings?

When people feel comfortable around each other, they are more likely to speak up, share ideas, and participate in a conversation.

The easiest way to inject some humor into your event is to book a professional comedian who has the necessary skill and experience to generate laughs, regardless of physical distance.

Here for All Your Entertainment Needs

As remote work becomes the new normal, virtual conferences will become more and more common. To prevent guests from tuning off, event planners will need to get creative and develop new ways to encourage audience participation.

In all shapes and sizes, entertainment is an excellent tool that all event planners can use to make virtual events more engaging. The Grable Group is here to assist you in this regard by connecting you to a wide array of entertainers and speakers.

Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

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