Give Your Guests A Memorable Experience with These 5 Virtual Event Ideas

Memorable Experience Virtual Event Ideas

Written by Tim Grable

March 23, 2021

Virtual events have given rise to all sorts of creative ways to engage audiences and provide quality entertainment.

This article will show you a few virtual event ideas that you can try to maximize audience involvement and even create a memorable online experience that will stick with them for a long time to come.

Take Them by Surprise – Ventriloquism

One way to ensure that your virtual event will be remembered is to have it feature something unique.

We’re talking about ventriloquism, a type of performance art that many people are familiar with. Audience members may have very fond memories of seeing ventriloquism on TV, but few can say that they’ve seen it live.

Suppose you’d like to give a shot at this unique opportunity. In that case, we’d suggest hiring a ventriloquist to perform for your guests. Ventriloquism works well with virtual events because it blends so many entertainment genres that it will surely be a memorable experience with the audience.

Always Rely on Music

It’s no surprise that a year into the pandemic, people are starting to miss music concerts. As venues are yet to open, the chances are slim that we’ll be able to attend a concert in the coming future.

To satisfy your guests’ ardor for live music, we suggest organizing a virtual concert, which they can watch from the safety of their home office. This way, you eliminate the possibility of any health hazard while allowing them to enjoy listening to music entirely.

If you’re wondering what kind of music works best, that depends on your guests’ tastes.

Flavorful Cocktail Hour

The permission of alcohol during an event is a topic for a lengthy discussion. However, we propose you meet the issue halfway – by allowing drinks, but with a few compromises.

The way we propose to tackle this topic is by hiring a mixologist or sommelier. With their help and deep knowledge of beverages, your guests get valuable insight into consuming alcohol royally and responsibly.

To make things more interesting, you could also have them host an educational session to teach your guests how to brew some amazing drinks. The prospect of learning a new recipe for a fine beverage will be tempting for many people.

Wine Wiz - A Team Building Wine Competition

A Virtual Stand-up Routine

If you would ask your audience about their feelings on stand-up comedy, the chances are that their response would be quite positive. People have a soft spot for comedy, and there are few out there who can say no to a stand-up performance.

Because of all this positive reception, consider adding comedy to your list of virtual event ideas. For example, you can add a stand-up comedy segment either as an event opener or at the end of the event to properly close things off.

Your guests will surely appreciate this show for putting a smile on their faces and as a change of pace from their day-to-day activities.

The Power of Magic is a Memorable Experience

Magic is probably one of the most interactive performance arts out there. Even during a virtual event, a magician will ask for volunteers or audience input to perform his tricks.

Those who get called by the magician to help out will have a memory that they’ll cherish for a long time to come, while the others will remember fondly the time spent with their family members and coworkers at a magic show.

Browsing our listings, you will find a virtual magician to fit a wide range of event types. Out of all of this, you can expect that there will be many magical moments.

More Virtual Event Ideas

We hope that the virtual event ideas we’ve presented in this article served as a great source of inspiration for your upcoming virtual events.

Should you decide to try one of them out, we can help you with the necessary preparations. Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s work together to provide your guests with the best memorable experience in terms of entertainment.

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