4 Common Mistakes Corporate Event Organizers Make and How to Avoid Them

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Written by Tim Grable

May 21, 2017

Everybody makes mistakes, right? It is only human. However, try telling that to your boss who has put you in charge of planning a perfect corporate event if something goes wrong.

The good news is, many of the mistakes which occur can be avoided through proper planning and strategic thinking.

If this is something you want to learn more about, this article is for you.

4 Common Mistakes Corporate Event Organizers Make - and How to Avoid Them

1. Not Asking for Help

Being confident is great, but an “I-can-do-it-myself” approach does not always fetch the best outcome.

From financial planning to event promotion and to sending the invitation, there are many details corporate event organizers need to take care of.  A DIY approach might leave you drained of energy faster than anticipated.

Top Tip: Gather a small team of people. Surely, you can get a few of your colleagues to help out. The important thing here is to do your best to allocate the right skills to the right tasks.

2. Underestimate the Amount of Time Needed to Plan a Successful Event

When we are pressed for time, we get overwhelmed, we stress, and we end up doing a million different things – all in a hurry. In the case of corporate event organizers, this makes them more likely to make mistakes.

Top Tip: Create a detailed timeline, including all the phases involved in your planning process first. Be realistic and don’t forget to set some time aside in case you will have to deal with unexpected situations.

3. Leaving Important Details Until the Last-Minute

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As any professional corporate event organizers will tell you, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. 

Still, many put off dealing with essential details, such as:

  • Renting necessary equipment (audio/video receiver, public address system, microphones, cables, overhead projectors, loudspeakers and so on).
  • Doing a sound check at the venue.
  • Checking available parking seats for guests.

Top Tip: Make sure to allow enough setup time on the day of the event. There’s a Murphy Law which states that “whatever can go wrongwill go wrong.” Give yourself at least forty-five minutes to an hour before the event, to make sure everything works smoothly.

4. Not Putting Emphasize on Creating the Right Mood

Guests might not remember what color was the carpet at the venue. However, they will remember the overall atmosphere and how the event made them feel.

The venue, the entertainment you choose, the setting; they all contribute to creating the mood. Look at them as ingredients which need to work well together and complement each other.

Top Tip: Think about what kind of vibe you want the event to give off:

  • Inspirational: You cannot go wrong with an experienced inspirational speaker, such as Dr. Gregg Steinberg.
  • Relaxed. Nothing makes people unwind faster than laughter. So why not go with a world-class clean comedian like Leanne Morgan?
  • Vibrant. A high-energy performance by the Dueling DJ’s could be exactly what your event is missing.

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Need Help Choosing the Entertainment?

You can book all the entertainers mentioned in this article and many others through the Grable Group Agency.

All you have to do is reach out to us. We can talk more about your options so that you can find the best fit for your event.

3 Reasons Why Corporate Event Organizers Should Promote on LinkedIn

Did you know there are 106 million active LinkedIn users? Moreover, professionals who are on LinkedIn have the highest average income of any social platform.

Even so, LinkedIn is one of the most underrated and commonly overlooked platforms for promoting events.

In this article, we are going to list three compelling reasons why corporate event organizers should use LinkedIn to advertise their events.

Let’s jump right into it, then.

 3 Reasons Why Corporate Event Organizers Should Promote on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn Is an Excellent Opportunity to Reach the Right Audience

The main reasons people get an account on LinkedIn are:

  • Because it is a great place to get information and learn new tips for many different industries.

Yes, LinkedIn offers access to a diverse audience thanks to its large pool of users, and this can help you increase your corporate event attendance rates. 

The more people you can reach, the bigger the chances of getting word of mouth. This means news about your event is more likely to spread faster.

However, more importantly, LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking site. Thus, it helps you reach an audience who is already interested in networking and attending events which will improve their professional lives.

So, if you are planning a conference, seminar or training, promoting it on LinkedIn is the way to go.

2. Corporate Event Organizers Can Increase Awareness about an Upcoming Event

Needless to say, one of the main reasons you promote an event in the first place is to generate buzz, especially if you are planning a product launch or company trade shows.

You will be happy to hear there are different ways you can use LinkedIn to spread out the word about your event: 

  • Update your LinkedIn status. Include a link to your event page or other online resources which explain the benefits of attending the event. Don’t forget to add an eye-catching image.
  • Publish posts. LinkedIn lets users post articles directly to the platform. Consider writing a detailed post which thoroughly describes the event. Focus on the advantages of attending. If it is not a first-edition kind of event, mention how great last year was.
  • Ask your LinkedIn connections to help out. Using direct messaging and personalizing each message increases the odds of convincing your contacts to promote your event.

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3. Attract Notorious Guest Speakers to Add More Value to Your Event

A notable speaker can enhance the value to any professional event. Attendees will appreciate the opportunity to learn from an industry leader.

However, it is not always easy for corporate event organizers to fill guest spots, especially when they are on a tight budget.

Promoting your event on LinkedIn by highlighting its high points can help you convince influencers that them speaking at your event is a win-win situation.

You can get their attention by mentioning their name, ideas, work in a LinkedIn blog post, for instance. Then, send them a link to the article through direct messaging. It will get the conversation started.

Another tactic you can try is to book a distinguished speaker or entertainer who can help you build credibility for your event, as well as make it more appealing.

If your event is already associated with big names in the industry, it will be easier to attract other experts to speak at your event.

Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards booking the best speaker for your special occasion.

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The Bottom Line

Putting together an attractive, well-organized corporate event which is tailored to fit the audiences’ interests are all essential to its success.

However, there’s no denying that knowing how to use social platforms, such as LinkedIn, to promote it can also reel in tremendous benefits.

We hope you will apply the knowledge you have gained today and start leveraging as many opportunities to promote your event as possible.

We constantly share tips corporate event organizers can use to become better event plannersStay up-to-date with our blog posts to make sure you are not missing out!

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