4 Ways Nonprofit Organizations Can Improve Donor Acquisition

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Nonprofit organizations rely a lot on acquiring new donors and on their contributions to their social causes. Sometimes, this can be easy to achieve, especially for those who already have a background and experience in this field of work.

Other times, you need some ground rules you can use to increase your donor acquisition. Here are 4 tactics that can help you attract more people to your cause.

1. Use Mobile-Friendly Platforms

Recent studies estimated that mobile usage will surpass desktop usage within the year. Don’t believe us? There is a simple thing you can do to figure out how big of a deal mobile platforms are nowadays.

You can start by analyzing the traffic coming from mobile users and focus on donation forms so that you can get precise statistics. You should set the time range back a year or two. This will give you a full report on how mobile usage increased over the years.

Many nonprofit organizations created forms that are optimized for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This not only contributed to their image but also helped them increase online fundraising.

2. Brand Your Image

However, what does branding mean?

To become one of the best, you should have your name and logo visible on every document you create. Compelling imagery and typography also help.

We know that branding a business requires lots of work, time, patience and funding. However, it also gives stability, security and makes you seem trustworthy. This is how it increases the chances of getting more donors.

Many nonprofit organizations also try to set a continuity trend. This means that they encourage people to make monthly donations to a good cause. The commitment significantly improves a company’s image and inspires loyalty among your donors.

3. Simplify & Reduce

By doing this, you’ll help your collaborators reach a quicker result.  You can achieve that by getting rid of the top navigation and the ads for events and programs on your donation form. Having a simple, clean document can quickly boost your donors’ numbers.

Only ask for information you need because people do not like giving out too many details and filling in unnecessary fields.

4 Ways Nonprofit Organizations Can Improve Donor Acquisition

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4. How to Make the Audience Relate to Your Nonprofit Organizations

It is simple: Appeal to their sensibility.

First of all, you can always add social proof. Begin by showing the numbers. How much you want to raise and how much you have raised so far. This will emphasize the fact that people are involved.

Moreover, provide a security system for credit card transactions. This will inspire respect and give some peace of mind to your donors.

Another thing you can do is give people a way to stay in touch. There are many requests for follow-ups on causes. Keep in mind that if someone was willing to contribute to a social cause once, it is more likely they will do that again. You can always create an e-mail list and distribute a monthly newsletter to its subscribers.

All in all, there are many things that can be done to increase your donor acquisition. All you need is patience and a bit of creativity.

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