Preparations You Need To Make For An Office Christmas Party

office christmas party

Written by Tim Grable

November 2, 2020

Office employees highly anticipate Christmas parties. Few can say no to the occasion to unsaddle from their working routine, leave their troubles behind, and have a great time.  With the holidays around the corner, it’s high time you start making preparations to make sure that all the details are being taken care of.

In the following article, we have compiled a list of essential preparations you need to make for an incredible office Christmas party.

Administrative Duty First

While these are usually the boring details that everyone dreads to do, they need to be taken care of to ensure that your party gets past the planning phase.

The first thing you will need to scratch off your list is the exact date on when you want the party to take place.

The event’s date depends on your team’s availability, and for that, you will need to do a quick headcount to survey how many people are available and interested to come.

Once you have a general idea of how many people are interested in attending and the event’s exact date, you should start making plans for the venue.

Keep in mind that due to the pandemic situation, each state has different regulations for how many people are permitted in closed spaces.

A great way to prevent any Covid-19 hazard would be adding a hybrid component to your event. You can opt to leave some parts of the event virtually while the others can be done in person.

Office Christmas Party

Something Different This Christmas

Once the administrative tasks are out of the way, you can finally take care of the exciting aspects of organizing the office Christmas party.

It has become a thing for Christmas parties to have a special theme going on for them, which is why you can get creative and spruce up your party, making it more interesting without ruining the festive feeling.

Here are a few ideas which have become popular in recent years:

  • Retro Party. Bring back the glory of the ’70s and ’80s with a Holliday party that incorporates the best elements of these decades – fun, love, and rock & roll.
  • Christmas Costumes. For this kind of party, you’ll have the attendees dress as their favorite Christmas characters, from Santa, Mrs. Santa Claus, Rudolf, The Grinch, and even Scrooge.
  • Christmas Competition. An office Christmas party where everyone will take turns at a series of Christmas/winter-themed games. This surely will get everyone in the mood for a good competition.

Some Entertainment to Boot

With all these aspects taken care of, what’s left is to add some professional entertainment into the mix.

If your guests are already immersed in the fun, a dose of entertainment will only amplify their experience and leave a positive impression on them, making them look forward to next year’s party.

Your choice for professional entertainment will depend on what decisions you’ve made for the party’s theme – you can either go for comedy, music, or even magic.

Home for the holidays it’s not just a virtual magic show, it’s an experience in which your friends and co-workers actually become a part of the fun with comedy magician Derek Hughes.

Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning magician, entertaining comedian, and expert improviser with a gift for finding humor within any group’s dynamic. Hughes’ loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowPenn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was the only comedy magician ever voted a top ten finalist.

What Suits Your Office Christmas Party

Think about the options that you have. Comedy is a great way to bring a good mood to the audience; music is an excellent choice to instill the holiday spirit, and magic will bring back the childhood charm that Christmas has!

The choice for entertainment is yours. And if you’re determined to pick one, then we’re glad to assist you.

At the Grable Group, we provide entertainment solutions for all types of events and celebrations. Reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly help you!

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