4 Online Entertainment Ideas You Can Do For Your Virtual Event

4 Online Entertainment Ideas You Can Do For Your Virtual Event

Written by Tim Grable

January 4, 2021

Starting in 2020, the event planning industry has been embracing virtual events to conduct company meetings and social activities.

It’s understandable if this novel phenomenon might seem challenging to adapt to, but you will find that virtual events have their own set of benefits with the right approach.

To give you a source of inspiration, we have put together a list of 4 online entertainment ideas that you can apply for your next virtual event.

1. Host A Cooking Show

An interesting thing you can try out is to host your own cooking centered online event, where willing participants get to showcase their cooking skills.

Better off, you can hire the services of a celebrity chef to host a cooking show or to showcase how cooking is done at a master’s level.

One celebrity chef which we recommend hiring is Fabio Viviani. He is a world-renowned chef and television personality who runs a fine selection of Italian restaurants across the entire U.S.

Even if the attendants have never held a kitchen utensil, they can easily follow Fabio’s guidance and give it a shot at cooking a delicious recipe making this our first  of fur online entertainment ideas

2. Venture into Visual Art

Everyone has a penchant for arts, but sometimes it might seem challenging to get people interested in artistic activities. Thankfully, all they need is a little push or a guiding hand to allow them to get in touch with their artistic spirit.

Adding art activities as part of your virtual event is a great way to diversify your guests’ experience and give them something they’ll surely remember for a long time.

One of our top suggestions for virtual art activities is to hire a professional visual artist, such as Jeremy Sutton.

Jeremy is a performance artist, using digital painting as part of his act, painting portraits of attendants while they get to witness the entire process live.

Virtual Event Aritist  

3. Online Entertainment Ideas for Virtual Breaks

Scheduling breaks between event activities is a commonplace practice. Sometimes a more extensive delay might be required to set up a presentation, or something unexpected might kick in and delay much of the event’s program.

Rather than having people lose interest or have them browse on their phones during this transitional period, you could offer them a good dose of entertainment to keep the audience engagement at a steady level.

For your virtual event’s break, you could call in a group like Digital Deception. This duo comprises tech-wizards Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes, who combine an arsenal of gadgets and software to create interactive magic.

4. Team Building With Taste

If you feel like your company’s virtual social gatherings could be a bit livelier, then perhaps you should add a bit of alcohol in the mix.

Event organizers usually scoff at this idea, but if it’s done tastefully, it can get people in the right state of mind and might have them open up more to socializing.

One way to do it in a controlled manner is to hire a mixologist, such as Lynette Marrero, to help the guests brew some unique cocktails or to give them a crash course in the arts of fine and responsible drinking.


Make Your Virtual Event Stand Out

The fact that company events have transitioned online doesn’t mean that they will become boring. Quite contrary, this transition offers you the possibility to try out new things for your events and turn them into entertaining experiences.

If what you’ve read in this article piqued your interest, then why not try any of these online entertainment ideas for your upcoming virtual events?

At the Grable Group, we specialize in providing entertainment solutions for both in-person and virtual events. Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s work together to bring the best entertainment to your events.

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