Organizing an Event? How to Make Your Women’s Ministry Event Fail

Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

Organizing an Event? How to Make Your Women’s Ministry Event Fail
When you are organizing an event for your women’s ministry, you should take certain measures to ensure that the event will succeed in meeting its objectives. There are certain things that you should and should not do when you are planning your specific event. If you make the wrong moves, you may cause problems that can jeopardize the event. Here are some decisions and actions that can make your women’s ministry event fail.

Tips for Organizing your Event

Forgetting to Pray

When you are doing the work of God, it is essential that you pray for God’s blessing. By praying, you can ascertain whether God approves of your decision to organize the event, and you can seek His intervention when you encounter problems. If you forget to pray to God, you may be making your decisions unguided. This could have disastrous effects if you begin to second guess yourself and the choices you make regarding your event. You should pray as frequently as you can while you are organizing the event in question and encourage everyone who is involved in the project to pray for God’s blessing as well.

Failing to Set Objectives

To have a successful women’s ministry event, you need to set objectives. By setting objectives, you will have a direction to work towards as well as a measure to determine whether your event is a success or a failure. If you do not have any objective, you will be primarily working without a purpose and may end up planning your event in a haphazard manner.


It is important to ensure that the cost of organizing your event does not exceed the set budget. If you run out of funds during the middle stages of the project, you may encounter major issues. Certain aspects of the project may be left uncompleted, and you may have to complete much re-planning to salvage the project. If you are not skilled in managing funds, you can ask a member with financial skills to help you calculate the cost of the event accurately.

Doing Too Much By Yourself

If you need to organize a lot of activities and events for your women’s ministry, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to handle all aspects of the planning yourself. Rather than opting to shoulder all the responsibilities of the ministry on your own, it is highly advantageous to delegate certain tasks to your leaders and fellow members. Delegating tasks do not only make it possible for you to complete projects on time, but it will also ensure that the work will be completed to the best possible level.

If the event that you are planning is a somewhat large scale project, it may be necessary to delegate tasks to your fellow members. When you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and deadlines, you will not possess the clear mind required to work and solve problems efficiently, which can put the project in disarray. It is highly beneficial to assign some tasks to members of your ministry or ladies in your church. By showing them that you have confidence in their abilities and by providing them with detailed instructions, they will be eager to their best in completing their individual tasks.

Before you delegate tasks, you should firstly divide the tasks into a few categories and set up a department for each specified category. Usually, the work that require completion within a women’s ministry will include anything from event planning to administrative work, accounting and counseling to general management, among others. Next, you will need to select some members who possess the necessary skills and commitment to providing the required assistance for each department. Some of these members will need to assume leadership roles and may also have some members working under them. Each department should have a leader, and this leader will be selected based on her ability to handle the individual responsibilities of her department.

It is important that you seek God’s guidance when you are choosing leaders for your ministry’s departments as leaders will need to set a good example to their subordinates. They must be spiritually committed and well-versed in the teachings of God so that they can provide proper guidance at all times. Through prayer, ask God to lead you to the women who possess the spiritual strength and skills required to become leaders of your ministry’s departments, and He will show you which women you should select. These women will form the core group of the ministry and will keep you informed of the activities and achievements of their departments.

The delegation of tasks does not only help you to manage your ministry more efficiently but can also make it easier for you to plan big events. When you are planning a large event, you will be faced with a myriad of tasks that are pivotal to the success of the event, including calculating budget, booking a venue, arranging furniture, decorating, buying supplies, arranging to cater, promoting the event; and others. The only way to handle all these tasks efficiently is to delegate work. If you cannot get enough volunteers from your ministry, you can ask some of the women in your church to help you. Divide the project tasks into a few different categories and ask volunteers to choose which type of work they wish to do. Next, select a leader for each category of work. The leaders will report to you from time to time to notify you regarding the progress of their work. By delegating these different tasks, you can manage the project in a systematic way.

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