How to Plan Customer Appreciation Events That Will Wow Your Clients

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Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Planning customer appreciation events can be a wise thing to do for a company. Why? Because running a business is mainly about people, not just products and services. People make decisions. It’s them who sell or buy goods or services from you. And they are also the ones who talk about your company.

Of course, high-quality products and services are essential to pleasing your clients. Still, you should take some more intentional actions like organizing customer appreciation events. Such festivities can be incredible opportunities to enhance customer loyalty and determine positive referrals.

Client-focused ceremonies need to be stunning to achieve these goals. Otherwise, they may turn against you. Here’s a list of things you can do to create a memorable event for your customers.

Extend Your Customer Appreciation Events to More Than Customers

It’s an event dedicated to your top clients. Still, you could get some additional benefits if you increase your invitation list a little.

  • For instance, you can invite customers’ families to create a sense of ease for your attendees.
  • You could also welcome some of your clients’ business partners or consultants. That will allow your customers to feel important as they get public appreciation in front of their collaborators. Plus, you create a new opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Be Consistent with Your Business

Make sure to align your planning process with your company’s profile. Small details like food, venue, setting or promotion campaigns should reflect your business’s identity.

Let’s say you are a company promoting health supplements and nutritious eating. Of course, you cannot serve unhealthy food during your event.

Or, if you are a high-tech company, technology should be your number one tool to promote and organize the event. And you ought to use it in a brilliant way.

Show Appreciation without Selling

You need to remember that your focus here is not to promote your company but to acknowledge your clients.

  • You can use a red carpet to welcome guests as V.I.P.s.
  • Or, you might want to integrate a photo booth to create memorable takeaways for attendees.
  • You should also prepare personalized awards to hand out to your customers in advance.

Most important of all, make sure your awarding speeches are the “Pièce De Résistance”. They should be short, smart and focused on the customer. For this part, you might consider hiring a professional MC. Some CEOs or managers may be excellent at running businesses but not so great at public speaking.

How to Plan Customer Appreciation Events That Will Wow Your Clients

Choose Quality Entertainment

If you are planning an event to show your customers just how much you appreciate them, getting the right act for your customer appreciation entertainment is key. So event planners and business owners have been seeking out performers and acts that are the very definition of customer appreciation entertainment. It is crucial that whomever you pick that they are more than capable of keeping your audiences engaged and entertained for, however, long your event ends up lasting. Naturally, the right performer for your event is not going to fall back on the old song and dance cliches, but will instead come with dynamic, unique and fresh performances to make your event unforgettable. These following four entertainers are sure to show your customers just how much you appreciate and care for their business all while keeping them entertained and happy to be your customers. No matter which one you pick, they are sure to bring their energy and entertainment to your event and thrill your guest.

Customer appreciation events provide many ways of showing how important your clients are. The quality of your entertainment also reveals how much you value your business partners.

  • Live music, for example, creates a warm atmosphere and a framework for public interaction.
  • You could also give people a piece of wisdom and help them learn by hiring a professional public speaker.
  • Or, you can offer a chance to see a clean, entertaining comedy in action! Given some personalized facts, a clean comedian can add a fun touch to your event. People tend to remember positive and fun experiences. Why not give them something to remind them of your amazing event?

Follow up in Surprising Ways

Following up with your guests is key to maintaining the success of your event. You should get creative with how you do it. You can use:

  • Thank-you cards
  • Photos from the event
  • A video with the key entertaining moments of the evening

Think of your customers’ profile and figure out new ways of surprising them. Just do it in a fun, empathetic and professional way.

We Can Give You a Helping Hand

If you are determined to plan an event that will impress your loyal customers, we can surely help you with the quality entertainment part.

Take a look at our incredible list of public speakers, entertainers, and MCs, and choose the right person for your event.

The Best Customer Appreciation Ideas

The Best Customer Appreciation Ideas When it is time to show your customers how much you value their business, you may want to consider a few good customer appreciation ideas. A night of fun with food and beverages goes a long way to many clients, and if they enjoy it, it is win-win. Live entertainment is an excellent bet for a successful event, especially when everyone is fed and hydrated.

Live performers, especially funny ones, often make a celebration a night to remember. Most everyone enjoys a time out from the usual routine and live performances loosen up just about any size of a crowd. Something awe-inspiring or amusing will be remembered for a while, and customers will appreciate your efforts to thank them in such a thoughtful way. The four performers described here may be just what you need for your big night. Check out these four customer appreciation ideas.

Customer Appreciation Ideas Your Clients will Enjoy

Live event painter, Heidi Schwartz will capture the nuances of your guest and your event in her live painting skills over the course of your several hours. Schwartz’s artistic process seen live will engage your guest and keep them entertained all night. The final painting can even be made into prints and thank you cards.

Taylor Mason expresses his inner comedian with ventriloquism and a few props as well as the participation of a helpful audience volunteer. His ability to bring out the volunteer’s inner performer is entertaining during his or her time on stage. The volunteer’s friends may find it to be invaluable for future reunion stories.  Taylor Mason, grand prize winner of “Star Search”, brings together comedy, ventriloquism, and music for an act that defies all that try to define it. Mason’s act finds laughs amongst even the widest audiences and is ready to be tailored to fit any and all sorts of events from corporate functions to children’s events.

Comedian Bob Stromberg will have the audience at your event laughing. His act combines the arts of story, stand up, props and shtick. Stromberg is ready to entertain at any event, be it a non-profit, stadium, or a corporate function and is sure to have everyone roaring with laughter.  Bob Stromberg amuses audiences with some of his childhood memories in a unique presentation. Families provide grist for the comedy mill in many ways, and he relates his own with wit and situations that most, if not all, groups of people can appreciate. Using the big screen for all sizes of audiences, he takes them on a slide journey to remember with hilarity.

Joe Castillo, a finalist on America’s Got Talent, amazes audiences with his sand art on the big screen. He creates images in sand on a surface of light while appropriate theme music plays throughout the performance. Colors change with the music and the pictures as each image forms and evolves into a new picture in living action and in real time.

Adam Trent, a master at transforming an audience volunteer into a performer, keeps the laughter going throughout the act. His props and his comments before the music starts are as funny as the actual “act,” and it is worth showing up for whatever the occasion. All sizes and types of groups leave laughing after Adam gets done with them.   Adam Trent is an illusionist who strives to make a magic act that is both on the cutting edge of technology and fresh. Known as The Futurist on his show, Trent uses LED screens, the type saw at live music events, to clone himself and teleport around the stage. His show is a cutting-edge magic performance with comedy and dance as a bonus.

Live performers may be the spark that your event needs, and any of these entertainers would be a valuable addition to it. Other customer appreciation ideas may include gifts of T-shirts and chocolates to take home, but a memorable evening usually rates big thank-yous from customers. Clients like being well taken care of in the business world, and a celebration of a live performance will let them know you value their business for whatever length of time they’ve worked with your company. Plan now and enjoy the event with your customers.

If you find it hard to decide which one suits you best, give us a call right away. We’ll think this through and suggest solutions that best fit your audience and business profile.

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