What You Need to Consider when Planning a Corporate Incentive Event

Incentive Event

Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Have you ever tried to look behind the scenes of a thriving business? Their success may not come just from products or services, nor their excellent marketing efforts. It may simply be their company culture.  Companies where leaders focus on people as much as on business processes, stand out.

One of the things such managers include in their annual schedule is a corporate incentive event. It is because they understand that employees need someone or something to energize them and help them refocus every once in a while.

Key Ingredients of an Amazing Corporate Incentive Event

The beauty of an incentive event is that it can serve a large number of purposes. These events are perfect for boosting morale in the company or preparing the launch of a product. To reach your goal, you need to plan ahead. We will talk about the most important aspects of creating a successful corporate incentive event.

Planning such a ceremony may not be the cheapest or easiest thing to do for your company. However, it will certainly pay off when done right. So, what could make an incentive event truly successful, apart from excellent setting, food, drinks, and music? There are six things that you should not miss to include:

Set a Clear Objective for the Corporate Incentive Event

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself this: What is the goal of this event?. You will need to keep the answer in mind throughout the planning process.

Boosting employee morale and promoting client loyalty, for example, are very different objectives. They would require different approaches.

Keep it simple. The more goals you have, the harder it will be to achieve them. Do not dilute the effects of your event by trying to do too many things.

Acknowledgment Is the Core of an Incentive Event

3 key Ingredients of an Amazing Incentive Event

Recognizing your staff’s value will make the difference between a real incentive event and a basic corporate party. Awarding high-achievers is important. Still, they are not the only ones who add value to your business. So, you might consider additional approaches that can provide recognition for all your employees:

  • Successful team awards are great ways of encouraging teamwork. They are also an excellent strategy to keep a low profile on weak performers. No one stands out as ineffective.
  • Honor small wins. When you recognize small efforts and early results, you build a high level of motivation and trust that will fuel your staff to achieve more.
  • Appreciate performance failure. It does not mean that failing should become your company’s value. It rather tells your people that it’s alright to try something out even if it does not succeed. Mistakes and learning come together.

Think of specific prizes or personalized awards that you wish to hand out. Make sure your staff feels this is their moment and not just a “sales pitch” for your business.

Valuable Insight

An incentive event comes naturally at the end of a business year. It is when results are assessed, and conclusions are drawn. You should use this occasion to put things into perspective:

  • Reiterate the vision of the company. Help employees understand your dream and become passionate about what they do.
  • Describe accomplishments from the bigger picture perspective. Show them how their work contributed to reaching the company’s goals and vision.
  • Share a few valuable thoughts on how you all can improve outcomes in the future.

This moment should not be long and dull but rather short and motivational. When you provide this type of wise insight, you help people understand that they are part of a bigger cause. That is a powerful tool to keep them motivated and involved.

Quality Entertainment

Imagine what might help your staff enjoy and feel important. There are so many little things that can generate a sense of fun and relaxation right from the beginning!

  • You can start with the welcoming part. You can have some of the venue personnel welcome your staff in a pleasant, friendly manner. Or, you could hand out welcoming cards with some special appreciation message or witty thoughts. You may even use a red carpet to imply that people are V.I.P.s in your company.
  • Sand Stories could make a fantastic surprise for your employees. Take, for instance, the America’s Got Talent Finalist, Joe Castillo. He is an excellent storyteller, and he’s found the most unexpected way of sharing his stories: Sand. A sand artist can use particular facts about your company or people to create personalized stories. It’s an experience that’s hard to forget.
  • Clean comedy is also an incredible option for good entertainment. Just like sand stories, a clean comedian can create funny stories that don’t offend and are relevant to your employees.

If you are looking for clean entertainment ideas and resources, check out our list of entertainers and speakers.

For more personalized assistance, contact us. We will make sure you get the best ideas for your event.

Send a Clear and Concise Message

A corporate incentive event should take two hours at most. Otherwise, the guests will become bored. If an activity is not actively helping you reach your goal, you should remove it.

Separate the experience into two main parts: Entertainment and motivation. These are the most important aspects of a successful incentive event. The results will depend on their execution.

Entertainment is crucial for creating incentive. Your guests will be much more likely to accept and support your message if they are enjoying the event. The first order of business is deciding on a theme. It is not necessary, but it can significantly enrich the attendees’ experience.

Based on your knowledge of the audience and the theme, choose who will entertain the guests. Corporate comedians and motivational speakers are excellent options for these types of events. You could also book a band or a DJ to provide the attendees with music.

By hiring a speaker, you also make the transition from entertainment to motivation smoother. Professionals can create the right atmosphere for you to send the intended message to the audience.

What You Need to Consider when Planning a Corporate Incentive Event

The representative’s speech should be as short and precise as possible. If you are unveiling a new product, for example, have them present the most exciting features and what makes the product unique.

A successful incentive event consists of quality entertainment followed by a powerful message.

Choose the venue and catering

Ensure that the location can accommodate all your guests. Booking a place that is too small will spell failure for your event before it even begins.

Another important aspect of the location is the equipment and sound quality it provides. Perform sound checks and tests. Bad sound quality will significantly diminish the effect of your event.

Food and drinks are not mandatory if the whole affair doesn’t take long, but they certainly help. Providing your guests with light snacks and beverages will make their experience more pleasant. If your event features catering services, make sure there will be enough food and drinks for everyone.

Corporate incentive events are all about making a powerful impression on the audience. Keep this in mind and your ceremony will be a resounding success.

You need to get the best entertainer out there. Luckily, we are here to help. Get in touch with us and we will find the best person to wow your guests.

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