Planning Outreach Events for Your Women’s Ministry

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Written by Tim Grable

October 3, 2017

Planning Outreach Events for Your Women’s Ministry

If you want your women’s ministry to be a success, you should plan as many outreach events as you can throughout the year. Special events give the female members of your church a chance to meet with one another and build solid friendships, and help them grow spiritually. Some well-planned activities can also benefit the church and the local community. The only way to ensure that a women’s ministry event will meet its objectives is to do proper planning.

The process of planning a women’s ministry activities begins the very moment you decide to organize something special. The first thing that you should do is pray to God. By praying to God, you will know whether He approves of your decision to organize the event. Upon hearing your prayer, God will bless the Outreach events and let you know what you should do to make the event a great success. It is essential that you seek God’s blessing and advice throughout the duration of the planning process.

Which Outreach Events are Best?

Before you choose a type of activity to organize, you should consider the needs of the female members of your church. If they need more social interaction, it is a good idea to hold a meeting that enables them to have fun and share good conversations with one another. On the other hand, if they need more spiritual guidance, you can opt for gatherings that feature Bible lessons or sermons by accomplished Christian speakers. Additionally, you have to decide whether the event should be a small or large-scale event. This depends on your budget and the availability of manpower and other resources. The venue of the event is another thing that you need to take into consideration. It is also necessary that you calculate the time that is required for you to organize the event.

The next thing to do is to find people to execute your plans. A large-scale project requires much work, and you will not be able to perform all the tasks by yourself. Therefore, you have to seek assistance from the leaders and members of your ministry, as well as women in your church. Ask God to lead you to a few women who have the commitment and ability to assume the role of project leaders, and let these women be in charge of the more important aspects of the project. Also, recruit volunteers for your ministry or church to carry out all the necessary tasks. Provide clear instructions for your leaders and volunteers, and make sure that they can work together harmoniously. Another thing that you need to do is obtain equipment, furniture, decorative materials, and supplies that are required for the event.

One outreach that will be greatly appreciated by the members of your women’s ministry a Girls Night Out. This fun night for females in Christ is very well-received in North America, and it can be held in any church on the continent. It features excellent Christian comedy and storytelling, as well as uplifting sermons, and it is a night of fun, faith, and fellowship that every Christian women will want to attend.


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