The Ultimate Product Launch Event Checklist You Have to Use

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Written by Tim Grable

March 18, 2017

Your product might not be ready yet, but you need to start thinking about the launch in advance. If the product you are working on is going to be amazing, then why not the launch be the same way?

Rest assured, we have got you covered. While you were busy working on your product, we went ahead and created this product launch event checklist. That way, you will have a stress-free event because we will make sure you do not forget anything.

Your Product Launch Event Checklist

The Ultimate Product Launch Event Checklist You Have to Use in 2017

1. People

It is essential not to forget anyone important among your guests. Make sure you start creating the list ahead of time and update it regularly. It should include media, industry experts if needed, potential investors, partners, and clients.

2. Entertainment

Depending on the type of product you are launching or the theme you go for, you will also need entertainment.

If your event is going to have a business vibe, then you can hire a leadership speaker. If it is a more laid-back event, then you can hire an entertainer or an artist who can break the ice before the actual launch.

3. Food

Your product event will probably last for a few good hours, so you would not want for your guests to get hungry, or worse, leave your event to get some food.

Find a good caterer who will be able to satisfy all sorts of preferences. You should be prepared in case some guests are vegetarian, vegan or have allergies to certain ingredients.

4. Logistics

You cannot forget about logistics on your product launch event checklist. Lights, sound, stage, chairs, tables and laptops – you have to make sure you have everything you need so your event will run smoothly.

We also recommend being prepared with a backup, in case a laptop, the microphone or the video projector stop working.

5. Live demo

When launching a product at an event, you should always do a live demo of what it can do, even if it is not a physical product.

That way, you’ll be able to convince your audience and your guests of how amazing it is. Also, they will understand how it works much easier since the explanation will come directly from you.

6. Freebies

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If you do not have the budget, you do not have to go all out and buy expensive gifts for your guests. In fact, it would be much better if you could give them a sample or a discount for your newly launched product.

7. Social media

To get the most out of your launch, you want to make it viral. What better place to do this other than on social media?

Let your guests know they can use a certain hashtag and post pictures or updates on their social media profiles. You can even organize a contest and give a prize to the post which received the most engagement.

Here’s to Exquisite Events

We hope our product launch event checklist is going to help you organize the best events this year.

If you want quality entertainment for your events, please know you can always rely on our services. Feel free to contact us anytime or give us a call at (615) 283-0039.

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