How to Promote Your Women’s Ministry Events

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Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017


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How to Promote Your Women’s Ministry Events

Your women’s ministry needs to organize myriad events throughout the year in order to meet the various needs of women in your church. No matter how well they may be planned and executed, these events will not be considered a success if they do not attract a substantial volume of women. One way to ensure that you will receive good attendances is to invest more time and effort into promoting your ladies’s events. With the correct promotional efforts, you will surely be able to make your events more popular than ever.

How to make your  Women’s Ministry the best

  • Talk to the women in your church regarding the ministry of the church. Show them that you are excited to be a part of the ministry and encourage them join your meetings and activities.
  • Make announcements of the ministry activities available for the women during Sunday school or worship services.
  • Notify your pastor regarding the latest happenings within the women’s ministry, and ask him to announce any upcoming events during services. This can help to encourage more women from the church to join the ministry.
  • Contact every female member in the church to invite them to regular meetings and other social events. If there are a number of women in your church, you could try asking other members to help you make the phone calls in order to lighten the load.
  • Place flyers in various places around the church to promote awareness of meetings and events.
  • Send postcards to the women in the church to notify them of meetings and special events.
  • Place announcements of the ministry’s activities for the female members of your church and achievements in the church bulletin.
  • Create a brochure that provides general information regarding your women’s ministry, such as activities, events schedule and mission and vision statements, among others. This brochure can be given out to new visitors to the church and women in the local community.
  • Make arrangements for some members to give testimonies during church service. These members can let the congregation know how the women’s ministry has benefited them, which in turn may encourage others to inquire about joining you.
  • If you have a special event coming up, you should hand out invitation cards to the ladies in your church. It is a good idea to attach small gifts to the cards also as an incentive and also to help them feel like a cherished member of the ministry.
  • Make business cards that contain information about your women’s ministry as well as your contact details, and give them out whenever you can so that potential new members can contact you regarding any queries they may have.
  • Send out personal cards to women in your church who have never attended any women’s ministry event or have not been attending church for some time.
  • Try to get permission to include a women’s ministry page in your church’s website. In the web page, you can offer extensive information about your ministry and display photos of your ministry’s activities to show non-members what your ministry is all about.
  • One of the most effective ways to promote your women’s ministry is by word-of-mouth. Get your leaders and members to talk to other ladies about the benefits of joining a women’s ministry which may help to relieve any worries they may have had prior to joining.

Some women’s ministry events will require more promotion than others. There are some events for Christian ladies that are excellent ways to provide fun, faith and fellowship to the women of your community, one of them being a Girls Night Out. This type of event has gained tremendous popularity across the United States and other countries around the world as it is affordable and it provides excellent entertainment and spiritual enrichment. Girls Night Out is one event that every woman in Christ should experience.



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