Speed Painting: Deliver Your Message in a Unique Way with the 3 Painters

Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

With the increasing number of events, organized for various reasons, it’s becoming hard to stand out. Cliches like 80’s themed parties don’t work anymore.

To make a memorable event, you need something more unique: you need speed painting. If you want to get the best artists in the industry, look no further than The 3 Painters. Here’s why they’re special:

The Bigger the Canvas, the Bigger the Splash

Speed Painting: Deliver Your Message in a Unique Way with the 3 Painters

Waiting for a painter to finish takes a bit of patience, even if it’s speed painting. The audience just sits there and waits. It can be a major letdown for the public if the piece is so small they can’t properly see it afterward.

The 3 Painters know that so they go big. Whether it’s one gigantic canvas or a collection of smaller ones, the public can really see the result.

The 3 Painters have performed in front of thousand of people, and they know how to present their work.

It’s More than Just Speed Painting

We mentioned that the audience has to wait patiently until a regular painter finishes the piece. That’s not the case when you book The 3 Painters.

While the artists work on their pieces, the guests are treated to live music and dance. There is never a dull moment. All the different art forms combine, creating a truly unique experience.

If you want just the paintings, that’s fine too because the 3 Painters can finish a speed painting in just two minutes. Alternatively, they can create a masterpiece for you in just under an hour.

They Can Paint Anything

Some speed painters only do portraits or landscapes or other such categories. The 3 Painters don’t have limits like that. Whatever you want them to paint, they’ll do it.

Here are a few examples of their trademark performances:

  • The Paint Duel. The painters bring a giant easel, 10′ wide and 8′ high on wheels. Then two of them start painting from each side of the canvas. They compete for space and the love of the public.
  • The Mural Challenge. The artists throw their paintbrushes away and band together to fill a similarly huge canvas. They rush to finish the task in less than seven minutes.
  • Portraits. Each painter can create custom ones for the people in the audience. That means that they can make three paintings at the same time.
  • Charity Paintings. If you’re looking to raise funds, The 3 Painters can set to create unique pieces that you can then sell or auction to the audience. All the donations go to your organization.

Whatever your goal is, The 3 Painters will help you achieve it.

They Can Do Any Kind of Events

It doesn’t really matter if you’re organizing a product launch party, fundraiser, or gala. The 3 Painters can mesmerize any audience.

You can choose anything from the company logo to inspiring scenery, to a portrait of a VIP guest. Let your imagination run wild and The 3 Painters will turn it into a 2D reality.

You can create a whole narrative, presented through paintings, song, and dance. It’s not just about showing your audience beautiful paintings, but about telling a story.

If you’re short on ideas, talk to the painters themselves. Together you can create an unforgettable experience for the guests.

Want to book The 3 Painters for your next event? Get in touch with us and we will set everything up for you.

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