Stand out from the crowd with outstanding trade show entertainment ideas

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Planning for a trade show means preparing your information in the most efficient way possible and sending your best extroverted representatives. But we’ve all seen (or been) the customer who has had it with talk. Eventually, everyone can use a break. Even for seasoned extroverts, there is a moment when the hands cannot take one more business card and the brain refuses to remember even one more name. When that moment arrives, people will be naturally drawn to something different. This is when you need trade show entertainment ideas. Get beyond language with these two entertaining acts: the Bucket Boys and Joe Castillo, sand artist.

Trade show entertainment ideas that will draw people to your booth

Stand out from the crowd with outstanding trade show entertainment ideas

Bucket Boys

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Music communicates ideas and entertainment without language and at music’s heart is the rhythm. Rhythm is what the Bucket Boys are all about. Their trade show performance combines sight, sound and humor to engage audiences. They create a mesmerizing atmosphere, from funky dance beats to dramatic crescendos, and are sure to attract a crowd at your exhibit booth.

The Bucket Boys know how to provide trade show entertainment ideas that hypnotize with a variety of beats. They use deceptively simple objects including those big plastic buckets from your favorite home store, trash cans and street signs. They effortlessly display good humor, athletic precision and engage their audience without missing a beat.

The Bucket Boys are originally from Chicago. They have performed in Times Square in New York and internationally at several venues including the Auto Expo in Delhi, India. They have been seen on “America’s Got Talent” and at numerous colleges, universities and corporate events.

Joe Castillo

Another wordless way to communicate a message with your trade show entertainment is through sand art. Created right before the public’s eyes, sand artist Joe Castillo uses a light table and music to move and entertain people. With his hands and sand, he captivates attention with his silent evolving images. His unique universal approach to storytelling enables him to make your message resonate with any audience.

Artist, storyteller and best-selling author Joe Castillo’s talent is supported by his background in advertising, making him able to effectively communicate on a wide variety of topics. A native of Mexico, Joe Castillo is fluent in both English and Spanish. Incorporating both visual art and sound, however, his trade show entertainment art goes beyond spoken language.

His work has been viewed by live audiences at many Fortune 500 companies as well as by kings and dignitaries in over 43 countries. Joe Castillo is known worldwide as a sand artist and was a 2012 finalist on the TV show “America’s Got Talent.”

The wealth of information available at a tradeshow can be overwhelming. A non-traditional form of entertainment may be just the element to help your booth stand out in a crowd. When looking for trade show entertainment ideas, engage customers with distinctive entertainment from one of these two acts and you can deliver an unforgettable message.

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