How to Host a Successful Client Appreciation Party

Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017


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Like any other corporate event, a client appreciation party needs a significant amount of planning to be truly successful. One of the biggest problems with such events is that clients usually expect the party actually to be a pretext for a new sales pitch. We are going to talk today about how you can beat prejudice and create a truly memorable experience for your clients.

Decide on the goal of the client appreciation party

You should know the goal of the event before you start planning anything. If you do not do this, it is easy to lose focus and end up doing something different than you wanted.

Be as specific as you can, if the goal is just for the “clients to have fun”, then it is just a regular party.

Not only will setting a clear goal to make the planning easier, but the message will also be much clearer for the clients.

Focus on the values of the company

Every business, big or small, has its culture, something that makes it unique. The client appreciation party should reflect the values of your company. A good idea is to hold a speech about the creation of the company and how it evolved with its clients.

They will get to see what’s unique about your company and start feeling like they are part of it.

Choose venue and entertainment

When choosing the place to host the client appreciation party and the kind of entertainment you will be providing, you have to keep in mind two main aspects: what the clients like and what the clients need.

Some of the best venues for holding a party are event halls and restaurants, depending on the number of people attending. If the relationship between your company and the clients is more informal, though, there is also the possibility of hosting the event in a nice bar or even at your workplace if there is enough space.

How to Host a Successful Client Appreciation Party

The best kind of entertainment for such parties are speakers or comedians. That is because you or a coworker will want to give one speech or possibly more. This way there’s no need for extra equipment and the event goes smoothly. Mixing speeches with live music or different acts takes away from the experience and makes the party feel disorganized.

You should base your speech and the entertainment you choose on what you know the clients like and what they need. Consider the challenges they have to face or what makes their lives harder. See if you cannot present them with a potential solution to those challenges.

Have a “plus one to five” etiquette

Client appreciation parties are also a great way of finding completely new clients. By giving people the possibility of bringing a friend or spouse, you have an excellent chance to present your company very nicely to new people. They will see at this party how important client satisfaction is for your business and might want to become clients themselves.

The follow-up

To keep the memory of the party fresh in the minds of the clients and make an even better impression, you should consider doing something for them after the event.

Two great options are to create a “highlight reel” if the event was filmed or, if you had someone take photographs, create an album to send the people who attended. It is important to think about this early in the planning stage so that you can get a photographer or videographer for the event.

If you do not like these two choices, at least send a personal letter to the attendees in which you thank them for participating and for bringing their plus ones.

Keep these things in mind and your clients will have a great time. They will know how important they are for you and your company, and they will gladly do business with you in the future.

We can help you create this extraordinary experience. Contact us and we will get you in touch with entertainers who will make your party a resounding success.

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