How to Establish a Successful Women’s Ministry

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Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017

How to Establish a Successful Women’s MinistryIf your church does not have a Successful women’s ministry, you should strongly consider establishing one. A ladies ministry is essential as it allows women who attend church to get the companionship they need to enrich their personal and spiritual lives. It also functions to provide spiritual education and advice for women so that they can understand the ways of God and grow in their faith. By establishing a womens ministry for your church, you will be able to develop solid relationships with your female church mates and work together to bring glory to God.

Steps to start a successful women’s ministry.

1) Similar to other tasks that are performed in church, the establishment of a women’s ministry should begin with prayer. If you feel that you have been called by God to attend to the needs of women in your church, you should pray to Him and ask for divine guidance. A task that is guided by God from the beginning will definitely be successful. During your prayers, you can ask God to reveal to you if there are other women who have the same compassion for the female members of your church and the unfortunate people in your community.

2) Once God has revealed to you the women who will be eager to join your cause, you will have a core group that you can rely on. It is essential that you arrange meetings for the core group regularly, so that you all can pray and discuss things together.

3) Next, you should determine the structure of the successful women’s ministry. You can assign responsibilities to different women within the core group, providing them with appointments such as vice-president, secretary and treasurer, among others.

4) You also need to set objectives for your women’s ministry. You can dedicate the efforts of the ministry to improving camaraderie, spiritual growth, evangelism, charity, or others. In the beginning, you may only have enough manpower and resources to complete one of these tasks, but you can work towards achieving other more substantial goals once your ministry becomes more established.

5) Before you plan your first event, you should investigate as to the needs of the female members of your church. An effective way of doing this is to conduct a survey. Request for as many women as possible from your church to fill out survey forms, and then use this information to ascertain which need is most urgent. Make sure the survey forms are easy to complete, so that more women will be willing to take part in the survey. If the women feel that there is a need for more women-only social activities, you can plan night outs, picnics, museum tours, or other similar activities. On the other hand, if they wish for more specialized spiritual guidance for women, you can also organize conferences or bible study classes.

6) Following this, you can start organizing for your first ministry event. A successful first event will help you gain more members and will increase your awareness; therefore, you have to make sure that you do your planning thoroughly and conscientiously.

If you are uncertain what kind of event is most suitable for the female members of your church, you should investigate hosting a Girls Night Out. Hosting a Ladies Night Out is an excellent way to promote fellowship among Christian women, offering lots of fun and laughter, as well as valuable spiritual guidance. It is the perfect kick-off event for your successful women’s ministry and can help cement its success from the off.

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