Suggestions for a Women’s Ministry Night Out

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Written by Tim Grable

March 17, 2017

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After a long day at work or even after attending a long church service or prayer meeting, you may want to go out with a few of your Christian friends to unwind. A night out is an excellent way to relax and have a chit-chat with your friends, and it is a perfect outing for a women’s ministry. After going for several nights out, you will definitely find that your relationships with the members of your ministry have improved significantly. There are many different things that you can do on a night out, and here are a few suggestions:

1) Have a Pleasant Dinner

Find a restaurant that offers great food at reasonable prices, and have a pleasant dinner there. While having dinner, you can have conversations with your members and find out more about their lives. You all can discuss food, recipes, families, work, spiritual matters, or any other thing. The sharing of good food and good conversations can certainly improve friendships.

2) Watch a Movie or Theatrical Performance

Another excellent way to spend a night with the members of your women’s ministry is to watch a movie or theatrical performance. Ask your members what kinds of movies or theatrical performances they like, and buy tickets in advance. Meet them at the venue or pick them up at their homes, and you all can have a wonderful time watching the show together. After the show, you can talk about past movie or theatrical experiences with your members.

3) Go to a Christian Bookstore

This activity is a good way to socialize and improve spiritual knowledge. A Christian bookstore offers an extensive selection of interesting books that provide great spiritual education and inspiration. Get each lady to buy and read a book, and you all can get together sometime later to talk about the books.

4) Rejuvenate Yourselves at a Spa

Few activities are as relaxing as a visit to a spa. Your members and you can rejuvenate your bodies, minds, and souls by pampering yourselves with a spa session. While you are relaxing at the spa, you can enjoy great conversations with your members.

5) Enjoy a Free Live Performance

There are free musical or theatrical performances in your town or city occasionally. Find out where and when a performance will be held, and watch it with your members. Watching a live performance together can be a delightful and memorable experience, and it can help strengthen relationships among your members.

6) Make Crafts Together

This activity enables your members and you to learn new skills and develop a passion for craft-making. It creates a special bond among your members, and it can grow into a lifelong hobby.

7) Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out is a popular program that seeks to fulfill the social and spiritual needs of Christian women. It can be held in any North American town or city, and it features wonderful fellowship, storytelling and comedy, and great speeches. This event costs very little, and it will give the members of your women’s ministry a fun and spiritually uplifting evening.

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