What the Survival Kit for Chicago Event Planners Should Contain

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Written by Tim Grable

September 17, 2017

Chicago event planners, this one is for you.

Organizing events can be hard work, but the results are always worth it. Also, as you know, things may not go as planned every single time, which is where backup plans and survival kits come in handy.

As an event planner, you are the one who saves the day whenever something goes wrong. So, we thought it was useful if we would create a checklist with the most common things an event manager should have on himself at events.

Don’t think you need to carry all of them with you at all times. You just need to be prepared to pull them in case anything happens.What the Survival Kit for Chicago Event Planners Should Contain

What Chicago Event Planners Should Have in Their Survival Kit

  • Technical equipment. This should be your top priority. Don’t forget to bring your phone, an external battery, your laptop, your chargers, a camera, a tablet, laser pointer, mini flashlight, power strip, printer cartridges, and extension cords.
  • All kinds of handy tools. Here’s what we suggest to bring: box cutter, duct tape, hooks, glue gun, hammer, measuring tape, wire, screwdriver, rope. Even if you may not bring all of them, at least try to have half of these tools with you.
  • Office supplies. These can be such a lifesaver, and I bet you have already been in one of those situations where something as insignificant as a name tag would have saved the day. Here’s what Chicago event planners should have in this category: envelopes, labels, hole puncher, post-its, paper clips, safety pins, scissors, sharpies, stapler, string, paper, clipboard, pens and pencils, elastic bands, USB sticks.
  • Medical and personal items. Here you need to include the following: first aid kit (always a must), hair bands, hair pins, tissues, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, clear nail polish, mints, stain stick, dental floss, mouthwash, lint roller, brush, hairspray, mirror, spray deodorant, foot pads, hand lotion, baby powder, earplugs.
  • Miscellaneous things. Other tools you may want to include in your event survival kit are: bottled water, snacks (such as protein bars), plastic bags, matches, lighter, walkie-talkies, sunglasses, bags for multiple purposes (carrier, bin, sandwich and sick bags), bottle opener, disposable tablecloths and razor, hand towels, map of the city you’re in (with the road, train, tube), multi-plug socket adaptor, painkillers, super glue, toothpicks, umbrella, whistle.      

tools, tool box, tool kit

Eliminate Pre-Event Stress with This Survival Kit

We hope the items listed in this article will inspire you and give you some good ideas on how you can prepare for your next events.

Of course, you do not have to bring everything which is on this list at every single event. You need to adapt to each circumstance and type of event you are planning.

Last, but certainly not least, Chicago event planners can also eliminate pre-event stress by booking entertainment ahead of time.

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company. We excel in managing entertainment and comedy booking, speakers engagements for a broad range of audiences.

If you would like a professional’s help, then give us a call at (615) 283-0039, tell us about the event you are organizing, and we can make some suggestions for you. Moreover, just like that, you can mark entertainment off your list.    

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