4 Tips And Tricks On How To Hire The Right Virtual Speaker For Your Event

Jeff Civillico

Written by Tim Grable

November 6, 2020

With the industry having shifted towards virtual/hybrid type of events, the speakers’ market has changed.  There are different demands and preferences on how the ideal keynote speaker should perform in a virtual environment.

If you are organizing a virtual event and are uncertain about what criteria you should consider when choosing a speaker for it, then you have come to the talent agency.

In the following article, we will provide you with a small list of 4 handy tips to help you find the right virtual speaker for your upcoming event.

Tips And Tricks

Tip #1 – Be Upfront with the Speaker

Before talking with the speaker, be sure to have a plan set out for your event and a clear picture of what you want out of it. This will prove to be helpful during the selection process.

Once you’ve established your preferences, be upfront about them with the speaker.  This helps you avoid unpleasant situations where the speaker may not be fit for your type of audience or where the speaker may not have the expertise for your type of event.

Tip #2 – Do the “Background Check”

If you come up with a shortlist of speakers, be sure to do a background check before deciding the right virtual speaker. This process ensures that the speakers are up to snuff with your demands in terms of quality.

You can do an internet search of the speaker’s name, and you will most likely find listings that go into detail about the speaker’s career and what the speaker is currently doing.

Try searching for testimonies from previous clients, which are invaluable in establishing if the speaker is exactly what you’re looking for.

Jeff Civillico, right virtual speaker, talent agency

Tip #3 – Audience Interaction Is Important

An important factor to consider while searching for the right virtual speaker is how they present their content. Speakers usually deliver speeches on a wide variety of topics, but the rules may change a bit in a virtual environment.

Online, there’s a lot more emphasis on the speaker’s interactivity, spontaneity, and ability to work more closely with an audience.

Since the virtual lobbies will usually consist of smaller audiences, the best speakers manage to connect better with the handful of people watching them.

Jeff Civillico has a unique combination of “Speaker” and “Entertainer” which makes his presentations extremely engaging, interactive, and FUN!  By weaving the signature routines from his award-winning “Comedy in Action” Las Vegas show throughout his messaging, Jeff leaves attendees thoroughly entertained and inspired.

Tip #4 – Work with a Talent Agency

Working with a talent agency is probably your best bet for finding the right virtual speaker. Talent agencies have tailored listings, with a selection of speakers to match any preference or request.

Besides that, a booking agency also has a centralized information database about speakers, helping you decide much faster than it would take to check websites with scattered information individually.

Ultimately, the agency also helps you take care of the details involving scheduling, payment, and other administrative tasks – offering you extra time to focus on improving the quality of the event rather than focusing on bureaucracy.

Helping You Find the Right Virtual Speaker

We hope that the tips featured in this article have given you a heads up on what you need to keep in mind when looking for the ideal speakers.

As a talent agency, we offer you the possibility to connect with top speakers and virtual acts in the industry, specialized in both in-person and virtual events.

If what you have read has captured your interest, then be sure to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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